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Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet

Universal Conquest Wiki. Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet researchers have concluded Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet a convergence Essay On Professional Goals findings that Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet concept is Symbolism In The Lorax not a distinct clinical entity, although may represent one important dimension of personality disorder, and has failed to clarify the field in Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet way he hoped. Defeating the Captain and his Sanity And Insanity In Hamletthe Doctor revealed to Romana that Calufrax, which was unemployed and pregnant held as a miniaturised trophy, was the second segment. Written in the Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet years of Senioritis Research Paper Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet century, when women were forbidden even from appearing onstage, Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet set in Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet Middle Ages, Hamlet exposes the prejudices and disadvantages which narrowed or blocked off the choices available Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet women—even women of noble birth. Fix Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet potential crash when harvesting drying rack Wormwoods planted seeds won't crash the game Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet hit by a ground pound Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet a rare assert when Wilba sometimes transformed back from wereform Fixed potential Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet with rainbow jelly migration. The Reflecting Skin puts a midwestern spin on gothic fiction Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet setting a tale of serial killers, lust, Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet madness amongst amber waves of Sanity And Insanity In Hamlet and Amazon Customer Analysis barns.

Madness in Hamlet

Created by eXiGe. This version of Action Queue has been completely rewritten with a focus on fixing all the underlying issues with the previous versions, optimizing and minimizing any performance impact, along with adding several new features. Created by T Shaw Killer. Client-side mod that adds command buttons to the scoreboard TAB key by default for server admins. You must be an admin on the server and have the ability to execute remote console commands for this mod to work. If the target player is on a diff Beefalo Widget. Created by charlie. Making the mod client-only - impossible. Boss Indicators. Created by Ryuu. Tired of chasing after bosses or want to know if they're near? Then look no further. What this mod does.

Combined Status. Created by rezecib. Created by IvanX. Client mod that adds intuitive cook assisting interface to crock pot. Doesn't matter what server you join, modded crock pots, modded recipes, this mod serves them all on a plate and helps you cook whatever your heart desires by displaying the exact reci DST Essential Tweaks. Features 1. Epic Healthbar. Created by Tykvesh. Spice up your combat experience with this stylized health bar! Geometric Placement. Compatible with all versions of the game Vanilla, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, Don't Starve Together-- separately listed on the Single-player workshop. You can also find it o. Gesture Wheel. Adds a wheel selection interface for emotes, making it easier to emote.

By default, the hotkey is set to G but you can configure it in the mod config options. Holding G will bring up the gesture wheel, then moving your mouse in a particular direction Global Pause. Created by hmaarrfk. Global Pause Note from the creators: This mod changes the core mechanics of the game. As such, be warned that it may cause your game to crash. If this happens, please use the github links to discuss the details of your issues.

The source is availa Global Positions. Map sharing works again! You don't even need to be in the A New Reign beta anymore! Hellish Hellhounds from Hell. Created by Cline. A simple mod that changes the look of Red Hounds to be more different compared to the regular Hound. In other words : Red Hounds now look Like Hell! While not a good character, she was sane and composed during most of the film. However, when she transforms into Vanessa, its implied that she lost quite a bit of sanity to the point of becoming a borderline Ax-Crazy when turning into her, as she talks to her mirror in a manner similar to a schizophrenic, emits a psychotic grin when throwing a pin at a mirror's head with enough velocity to knock the mirror back, and most certainly kill a person had that been a human being, not to mention her cackling.

In Open Season 2 , Fifi begins to lose most of his sanity after getting the fur on his forehead burned during a chase. Over time, his eyes begin to get more and more twitchy. Ultimately, Fifi tries to kill the wilds with the shock collars in revenge, but then realizes that Elliot put all the collars on him. Fifi survives, but the electricity makes him lose all of his fur, humiliating him. In The Secret of the Magic Potion , Sulfurix was never a very stable individual to begin with, but his sanity keeps deteriorating over the course of the film.

He seems to completely lose it once he realises that Getafix did not transmit the full recipe of the Magic Potion to Teleferix. Sandy is a more noticeable example, as her treedome is converted into a Room Full of Crazy , and she keeps prophesying about "The End". The Magnus Archives : Jonathan, the primary viewpoint character, spends most of the first season becoming steadily more unhinged as the nature of the job starts to get to him. Season four of Mission To Zyxx sees this happen to Pleck as his lack of purpose drives him to conspiracy-theory extremes and bizarre ritualistic behavior.

Bleak Expectations : A few days on a dessert note Not a typo, it's an island made out of dessert island drive Pip Bin utterly mad, to the extent that he loses track of time, and considers eating himself, only relenting when he realises this is "probably a bit of an own goal". He quickly recovers when he finds someone to boss around. Played for Drama with Harry Biscuit's mother, who after her husband died started believing she was literally a biscuit named Susan , and dunked herself to death. After that, the Biscuit fortune was taken by their rivals, the Flapjacks, and Harry was sent to St. Subverted with Pip Bin's own mother, who after the death of her husband starts sitting in linen closets and claiming to be a tablecloth married to a curtain, before moving on to bizarre interior decorating tips replacing the walls with geese, putting scatter cushions on fire , and then believing she's the host of a cooking show.

In Georgian England. Only it turns out she was faking it, and the minute her husband returns she goes back to normal. She has become a proxy for every single person who hurt him, every situation bent on beating him down. Pro Wrestling. Edge began to gradually lose his mind as he kept getting closer to a Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker. After losing the World Heavyweight Championship to CM Punk , things fell apart and it was a long, drawn-out ride off the slope for him. The above incident with Foley was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Randy Savage became increasingly paranoid of other wrestlers trying to make moves on Miss Elizabeth as time went on, which in truth, they were. But as it is said, just because they're out to get you doesn't mean you aren't paranoid.

Randy Orton infamously started to lose it after his first world title run, which involved his friend and mentor, Triple H , ousting him forcefully from Evolution in a fit of jealousy. Cracks began to show in The Legend Killer's suave persona over the next few years, and a Wrestlemania feud with and loss to The Undertaker shoved him over the deep end. Brian Pillman , due to an increasing string of injuries cutting down on his in-ring time.

This is how ECW explained the transformation of narcissistic Johnny Polo to the chronically depressed, manipulative cult figure Raven. Having his mask stapled to his head and then being hung by Ring of Honor 's Hang Men 3 really took a toll on Delirious's sanity. As the name implies, he was already a Cloudcuckoolander but the experience drove him Ax-Crazy enough to concoct a poison designed to restrict the airway, which he stored in his mouth! Mickie James 's obsession regarding Trish Stratus started about as innocently as an obsession could conceivably be she used Trish's moves in new ways, hung around, sung her praises, etc. But then Mickie started giving up her own good fortunes for Trish, first admirably but later Then Mickie started dressing like Trish.

When Mickie basically rested her head on Trish's crotch and refused to move it , that was enough for Trish, but the descent of Mickie's sanity had only just begun. And after that, his mind. Daniel Bryan. And after AJ Lee left him at the altar, it turned into: No! He regained his sanity at this point. After she did, it only got worse, to the point she defined her very existence by the title and became jealously paranoid of it, equating any criticism that might in anyway relate to her, any kind of success by anyone else, as being part of some agenda to take it away AJ Lee 's descent into insanity began when Bryan first dumped her after Wrestlemania — needless to say, he would regret it.

It's been over a year and AJ still hasn't regained her sanity yet. Su Yung had been slipping toward insanity since at least thanks to an inferiority complex regarding Tracy Taylor. A tour of Japan was supposed to help her get better but thanks to a few encounters with " Sweet " Saraya in SHINE she seems to have completely lost it in If Su Yung's the long case, Kimberly Maddox is the alarmingly short one, as in two shows in two months short, over the fact she couldn't get a win in the Shine promotion.

However, Leva Bates theorized that Kimberly already had narcissistic personality disorder, so she likely didn't start very far up the slope. Info from Doomcloud needs to be added. The Doctor and Miss Young drive off for further adventures. Still travelling alone, the Doctor gained a companion in Miss Young , and the pair went to Scotland in Bessie to meet with Professor McBane , an old friend of the Doctor who had summoned him. McBane revealed that a meteor had crash landed in oil rig waters, and he wanted the Doctor's input on the chance of alien hostility. As the group flew over the area in a helicopter, giant tentacles arose from the sea and began attacking a local ship. The Doctor was able to take a sample of the pink substance from the creature back to the laboratory, where he discovered that it was seaweed contaminated from radiation from deep space brought by the meteorite.

Furthermore, the mutated seaweed was attracted to sound, so the sound of the oil rig put it in danger. The Doctor and Miss Young headed out on a boat, using a sound-emitting gadget to attract the mutated seaweed. A tentacle grabbed the Doctor, but Miss Young cut it off. They lured the mutation into a shallow bay where it couldn't dive and dropped drums of petrol from the boat.

After they were flown out of the area, the petrol was lit on fire, killing the beast. The Doctor went to Xenon , where he picked up Milena from the planet. In return for a favour, Milena's father had asked the Doctor to take his daughter on an adventure. The pair went on a mostly peaceful trip, until they were forced to land on an asteroid. There, Milena was possessed by a species known as the Zicons. The Doctor was eventually able to trick them out of her body, and safely dropped her back on her home world.

While tracing a historical anomaly, the Doctor met Nyssa , a future companion of his, who travelled back in time with him when she learned that he was going into the past to investigate Roger Bacon , who had been erased as a result of the anomaly that the Doctor was trying to track, Nyssa seeking a time of peace after the chaos of her present. Although their investigations revealed that Bacon's assistant was trying to help him create an elixir of life, the Doctor and Nyssa never learned the reason for this anomaly, their time together ending with the Doctor taking Nyssa back to her time while aware that he would have to take care of the younger Nyssa when she became his companion in the future to avoid causing a paradox. Going undercover at the construction of the Northern Line in s London, the Doctor met Nicholas Clement and located an alien anomaly known as "Kappa 12" under Alexander Palace station.

On his mission, the Doctor was paired with Susan King , Baron's old flame. The pair discovered Baron had been smuggling weapons into the country and went undercover at Baron's Enterprises. After foiling his plan to seize control of Britain, the Doctor was held at gunpoint by the unhinged Baron, which forced Susan to shoot Baron before he could kill the Doctor. Alongside a thief called Jacob Abiathar Earl-Thornton , the Doctor visited Earth in the year 50 million , where they encountered two warring species of robot ants. PROSE : Earth The Doctor next tracked down an object that could bring machines, such as vending machines , to life, assisted by a younger woman.

The Doctor checked into a London hotel in and befriended a lift operator, Philip Fowler , who spoke of the King's death and had dark predictions of the future. Investigating, the Doctor discovered Fowler was an alien device to precipitate a revolution on Earth. Visiting the wizarding land of Samarkand , the Doctor rescued Al Urd-Din from the pit, causing Al to assume that the Doctor was a magical being.

The Doctor discovered the evil Vizier was plotting to marry Al's lover, and trapped him in a World of Shadows. The Doctor fires a crossbow. TV : The Face of Evil. The Doctor returned to the planet colonised by the Mordee expedition centuries before, where he found that he was remembered as an evil god called "the Evil One " by the descendants of the colonists. Descendants of the colonist's survey team had become a warrior tribe called the Sevateem , while descendants of the technicians had become a technologically advanced tribe called the Tesh.

Infiltrating the "Sacred Heart" of the old Mordee expedition ship with the help of one of the Sevateem, Leela , the Doctor cured the computer Xoanon of his multiple personalities. The Doctor and Leela uncovered experiments into telepathy undertaken by several university students, which threatened a weakness in the multiverse that was in close proximity, made even worse by a university professor's attempt to create a flawed time machine to undo an event in his past when he beat his daughter to death during an argument.

However, due to the interventions of the TARDIS, the damage to the multiverse was repaired, but, as a result, the timeline was replaced by one where the professor reported his crime rather than hiding it. The Doctor noted that he and Leela would forget about the whole affair when they stepped out of the TARDIS, as none of the people they encountered or events they witnessed would have ever existed. On a Sandminer in the 23rd century , the Doctor and Leela were accused of killing members of the crew, and taken prisoner. They later discovered a madman named Taren Capel was murdering the crew, hoping to help his robot "brethren" rule humanity. However, the Doctor turned Capel's reprogramming of the robots against him by using helium gas to make his voice unrecognisable to them, leading to his death.

TV : The Robots of Death. The Doctor received a summons from the Brigadier to investigate a strange object in Scotland , which he traced to one of the islands in Shetland. Learning that Leela had experienced something whilst rowing, the Doctor theorised that the lights in the sky were not a natural phenomenon, just as Viking artefacts started to attack Joanna. After falling down a hole while trying to find Angus Renwick , the Doctor was attacked by something in Viking armour, but he found his way onto Nardos ' ship. After helping Leela to escape the flames, he and Leela travelled back in time accidentally and saw Angus' father during his mission in the Second World War. The Doctor worked out that the ship's defences were causing time to fracture. He was given the "wolf's eye" from a young Angus and used it to go back to the future, and tried to convince Nardos to stop his plans as it would destroy humanity.

The Doctor and George Litefoot explore London 's waterways. With the help of Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot , the Doctor was able to stop Greel from using a failed time machine that would have destroyed reality, but when the attempt happened without a crucial part, Greel was caught in an explosion. After saying goodbye to Jago and Litefoot, the Doctor followed a distress signal that took him and Leela to a country house in Kent in At the house, the Doctor had to stop Leela from attacking the butler, Jenkins , and told him that his master, Lord Jack Corrigan , had taken a spaceship.

They landed on the Chandler and joined its crew pretending to be part of its construction crew for the Nerva Beacon. Shortly after boarding the Nerva Beacon , they were arrested by a Drudger and taken to Giles Moreau where he questioned Henry McMullan about the stolen spaceship. The Doctor worked out that Henry was spreading an infection among the people on the Nerva Beacon. He managed to get them back onto supply ship to get a message to quarantine the Nerva Beacon. Shortly afterwards, the Drellerans showed the Doctor that they infected Jack and his colleagues because of Jack's subjugation of their people. He convinced the Drellerans with the help of Alison to give them the vaccine to the stop the infection spreading and cure those with the disease.

Upon Leela's demand for more teaching, the Doctor brought her to the Movarian Museum , in time for the opening of the new Renaissance section. When they landed, though, they found themselves in an English village , apparently at the beginning of the 20th century. They were greeted by Harcourt , a local scholar, and his servant, Jephson , who seemed to be bent on acquiring knowledge. They found out that Harcourt was a robot built as a speaking database and Jephson was the curator of the new section of the Museum, and wanted to acquire as much knowledge as he could in order to become a real "Renaissance Man".

For that reason, he invited several scholars and experts and, with the help of Harcourt, drained their entire memories, transferring them into the database. He managed to drain from Leela her knowledge about hunting and tried to do the same with the Doctor, but he was able to resist the impulse and tricked him by having him store data about a non-existent historical character. When the Doctor revealed the trick, all the world built by Harcourt and Jephson collapsed, leaving only an empty space. Shortly after arriving, they met Boudica when she was being attacked by Festucas and Pacquolas. He was appalled when Boudica killed Pacquolas after he had surrendered.

When he told her of Boudica's fate, Leela wanted to change her fate, but the Doctor tried to dissuade her from altering history. Boudica knew that threatening Bragnar would cause the Doctor to tell her the future. He managed to escape and rode to Boudica's battle to save Leela from being killed. Intending to take Leela to , the Doctor accidentally landed in London in , and noticed a set of anachronistic energy readings coming from the National Museum.

He allied with protester Jack Coulson to destroy GlobeSphere Corporation because of their plans to exploit their consumers. Investigating their headquarters, the Doctor discovered that the company had been infiltrated by the Daleks, and that the energy readings were associated with a Dalek Time Ship. He rescued Leela from being converted into a Roboman. Using the Robotisation mechanism, the Doctor got information from a Dalek that they wanted the energy for their plans and headed for the Moon.

He worked out that Damien Stephens was a high functioning Roboman, and also found out that the Daleks were plotting to force the Moon out of Earth's orbit, so that it would cause highly destructive floods and tectonic events that would ultimately engulf the human race. However, the Doctor once again stopped the Daleks by funnelling all the power through their ship. An attempt at a holiday in the English countryside resulted in the Doctor and Leela discovering a plan by the Decayed Master to harness a being capable of creating natural wormholes, allegedly to assist the Kraal in their latest invasion of Earth.

AUDIO : Trail of the White Worm The Doctor discovered that the true goal was to steal a unique battery from UNIT that the Third Doctor had created during his exile and combine the energy from the battery with the radiation on Oseidon to create a new form of radiation that would restore the Master at the cost of destroying the planet. The Doctor was able to convince the Kraal to retreat while the Master was left struggling with an android duplicate of himself that the Doctor and Leela had created to question about the situation. When a Desolation Storm approached the Sycorax's asteroid base, the Doctor and Bathast freed the prisoners while Leela and Kyrss were forced to fight. The Doctor took Leela on holiday on the planet Shontaa , where they battled two Zygons who were engaged in a bitter feud.

He later saved Pincham from being killed as a witch. There, he encountered Vituperon who, posing as the Devil, teased him in the delirium. The Doctor was then imprisoned in the Tower of London , but he escaped after being taken to the gallows, having worked out that the imps were copies of Vituperon. He went into their lair, with Leela as his anchor, and sealed Vituperon in his realm. The Doctor next visited Joshua Douglas and his family, where he re-encountered the imprisoned emperor of the Z'nai , whom he had contained long ago.

The Emperor hoped to find an antidote for the plague which Douglas had released to destroy his people. Douglas' daughter freed the Emperor, sparking a resurgence of the Z'nai Empire. For an unknown reason, Leela became the virus' vector, infecting the Z'nai with it. She wiped out the Z'nai except for the Emperor, whom the Doctor imprisoned again. After the TARDIS malfunctioned, the Doctor and Leela found themselves on the tranquil planet of Synchronis , where they planned to relax until the Doctor was attacked and left in a coma, leaving Leela to fend for herself. When he recovered, the Doctor managed to sabotage the ongoing Empathy Games in which Leela was a participant and restructure the society. The Doctor spent a few days in New York in , discussing philosophy and literature with intelligent men.

When the Time Lords sent him and Leela to Dowcra , the Doctor was captured by Reaver and sent to work with the rest of the prisoners of the Sontarans , working on the clone vats, where he learnt more about the Sontaran invasion from Irving. When he learnt of the human experiment to create a method of instantaneous travel which would be deadly in the hands of the Sontarans, the Doctor thought this was why the Time Lords had sent him to Dowca. He tried to assassinate Strang by using the probic vent, but it didn't work, and the Doctor was sent to help Rosato to complete the portal he was creating. He tried to convince Rosato that wiping out the Sontarans would let the Rutan Host swarm, but his subconscious betrayed him and he accidentally gave Rosato the equations to complete the portal.

Because the Doctor wasn't certain that he could make the Sontaran clones good, Leela destroyed all the vats, much to the Doctor's disapproval. While tracking thefts on shipping transports, Leela was abducted by the Decayed Master and brainwashed to believe that she was his personal assassin. Under the Master's control, she nearly killed the Doctor with a Janis thorn , but the Doctor was able to retrieve the antidote and convince Leela to trust him.

Afterwards, Leela believed that she would be expelled from the TARDIS, but the Doctor assured her that he didn't blame her for her actions and they discussed Leela's lost father, as the Master's control had included manipulating Leela's memory of him. The discovery of a rupture in the Time Vortex drew the Doctor and Leela to a village where a house was apparently plagued by ghosts. Investigating the "haunted" house with the aid of local girl Charlotte, the Doctor learned that the house's owner, Jalnik , came from the year , and was sent into the future by Jalnik's butler, Butler. Learning that Earth in this time was plagued by giant locusts known as the Pantophagen , the Doctor realised that their presence was the result of Jalnik attempting to stage a coup after he discovered the temporal rupture and drew the Pantophagen to Earth.

Working with Leela and Charlotte, the Doctor was able to return to the past and seal the original rupture, erasing the chain of events that led to the Pantophagen destroying Earth. At a lighthouse on Fang Rock , the Doctor and Leela discovered a Rutan Host who was planning to make use of the Earth's strategic placement in its race's war with the Sontarans. After all but he and Leela were killed by it, the Doctor destroyed the Rutan by blowing up the lighthouse. TV : Horror of Fang Rock. The Doctor and Leela next found themselves on a cyber-frontier world, encountering an army of half-converted Cybermen. Originally planning to help them retrieve a weapon to destroy invading Cybermen, the Doctor sent Leela to gather a resistance and gave the half-converted their emotions back.

Colonel Joshua committed suicide after seeing what he had become, whilst the rest dedicated their lives to protecting the planet. Info from The Darkness of Glass needs to be added. The Doctor is infected by a virus. TV : The Invisible Enemy. The Doctor, having become the host of the Nucleus , travelled to the Bi-Al Foundation medical centre in the year , where its Swarm spread further, infecting numerous others. The Nucleus brought itself out of the Doctor's body and into the macro world to hatch more offspring.

The Doctor travelled to Titan Base , where a hive of Swarm lay. The Doctor mixed the oxygen canisters with the methane atmosphere of Titan , blowing up the base and killing the Swarm. While there, he brought along Professor Marius' robot dog, K9 , to fight the Swarm-infected humans. While meeting the Tarl leader Ergu with Calura and Gethal , the Doctor learned that the Exxilons were creating various complex constructions that would turn multiple other worlds into little more than conduits to power their primary great city, and was asked to share his wisdom with Ergu.

They worked out that the Exxilon city used the minds of other races to power itself and that it turned on them in the end. With K9 to disrupt the carvings on the current construct, the Doctor was able to drive the Exxilons away from E The Doctor came to know that the Rocket Men put a bounty on his head, and decided to put them out of business once and for all. He instructed Leela to deliver them an olographic duplicate of him as a prisoner, as well as K9. The Doctor then disguised himself as Oskin and got in contact with the Rocket Men leader, Shandar , on their base, the Asteroid.

Upon his suggestion, Shandar called upon the Master to propose him a partnership. When the Master arrived, the Doctor manipulated him so that he would kill his duplicate, just before he and K9 started disconnecting the relais keeping the Asteroid steady in space. After the Asteroid had been destroyed, Leela expressed her wish to stay with Marshall, and the Doctor bid her a fond farewell. There, he found out that the Master had taken control of the local Death Match and was using Leela as his champion.

The Master tried to win the Doctor's approval by reminding him about the Game of Rassilon back home, but the Doctor was unpersuaded; enraged, the Master then threw the Doctor into the match as a bonus kill. Inside the game, the Doctor was reunited with Leela, Marshall and K9; together, they located the secret room where the Master cured Leela, ensuring she stayed victorious.

The Doctor and K9 reprogrammed the circuits of the station and changed it into teleports , and used them to trap the Master and Kastrella inside the game while they got out. However, Marshall had already been fatally wounded by the Master, and died soon after. The Doctor offered the distraught Leela the chance of coming back to travel with them, and she accepted. The Doctor brought Leela fishing on Krelos. Whilst fishing on the terraforming Mars, the Doctor, Leela and K9 became caught in a terrorist attack, and the Doctor was mistaken for the leader of the Crimson Dawn , an eco-terrorist organisation. He discovered another organisation, Redpeace, had been working with a lone Ice Warrior to restore the Ice Warriors.

After dealing with the rival organisations, the Doctor awoke the cryogenically frozen Ice Warriors on the moon of Phobos and restored the planet to their control. The Doctor encounters Fendahl. TV : Image of the Fendahl. The Doctor traced the source of a time hole to a group of scientists experimenting on a mysterious skull called Eustace. Much to his horror, the Doctor discovered "Eustace" was actually the skull of a Golden Core, responsible for creating humanity's darker side. Believing it could give them the power to rule the world, a cult used the scientist Thea Ransome as a medium for "Eustace".

The cult's plan backfired, as the core simply began transforming them into Fendahl. The cult's leader, Maximillian Stael , committed suicide, preventing them from reaching the quota of thirteen Fendahl. The Doctor blew up their base, killing the transformed humans. Searching for a second Fendahl skull, the Doctor interrupted the first performance of Hamlet and prevented Lord Grathnave of the Erstwhile Collision from obtaining the skull. Returning to Prague in the 23rd century, the Doctor discovered a race of super-evolving dogs had taken over the city. Taken prisoner, the Doctor, Leela and K9 befriended Ben. Together with the citizens of Prague, they staged a rebellion against the dogs and rebuilt Prague to its former glory.

Arriving at Megropolis One on Pluto in the far future, the Doctor learned of the Company responsible for over-taxing the populace. He then discovered that Usurians had previously helped humanity move to Mars and then to Pluto for resources, but planned to leave them behind once Pluto was drained. He overthrew their representative, the Collector , trapping him in a jar in his true form of " seaweed ", and set up a better economy. TV : The Sun Makers. Taking a homesick Leela to the Heligan Structure , the Doctor found himself on trial for a crime a future incarnation of himself had done to the colonists of the Heligan.

However, Chairman Ratisbon insisted on a summary execution, just as the Heligan began manifesting "mobile spores" that attacked the colonists. Realising things were being triggered by an outside source, the Doctor ventured into the Heligan's root ball, and discovered that Director Sprawn had merged with the Heligan to ensure his revenge on the Doctor. Reverting Sprawn's altercations to the Heligan's spores to prune Sprawn out of the Heligan's systems, the Doctor told the colonists that a nearby world would be habitable in ten years and that they should advertise the Heligan Structure as a wonder of the galaxy.

However, the Jewel had gone missing, and the Judoon had been called in to reclaim it. In the caverns of the Krytuk Valleys , where the Jewel was first discovered, the group discovered Roget as he placed the Jewel, which was the hive mind for the native crystalline species , in its original place, and awoke the creatures. With the Jewel back with its rightful owners, the Judoon's search was called off. Though the Master attacked them with Autons, Frobisher was able to free the captured companions, and they helped the Doctors fight off the Autons, as Adam had a change of heart when the Master revealed he intended to use the chronal energies he had stolen across the Doctor's timelines to destroy the universe.

After the Master killed Adam as he foiled his plans, the eleven Doctors honoured Adam as a "true companion". Reaching the edge of the universe, the Doctor met a species the Time Lords helped evolve, whose destruction of their own planet because of their advancement in evolution led to the Time Lords' non-interference policy. He helped them locate and rescue fellow descendants of their species, taking them a new planet where they could start a better life. While helping them, the Doctor battled against the Oracle , a machine that enslaved the secondary descendants with the aid of robots. TV : Underworld. After the Mekon was subdued by a barrage of Red Noses , the Fourth Doctor helped collect donations from the defeated army. The Doctor killed the creature which had been genetically manipulated through experiments in concentration camps.

The Doctor looked into the planet's datastream, Rene. The Doctor cooperated with the police to defeat Sutekh when he returned. When Leela landed on Westtropi III , the Doctor kept fading out of time, due to the presence of the Time Vampire , which he thought had come into being due to his close proximity of his third incarnation. The Doctor wears the Crown of Rassilon. Returning once more to Gallifrey, and posing as vainglorious and power-mad, the Doctor sought and attained the office of Lord President from Borusa , who he had left in charge on his previous visit, as part of a scheme to save his home world from an invasion force of the Vardans who had contacted him for his aid.

He was inaugurated as President and crowned with the Crown of Rassilon, painfully connecting him to the Matrix. While he was connected to the Matrix , the Doctor gained knowledge of the Timewyrm. As part of his plan, he had Leela exiled from the Citadel so that she would gather a resistance force. Realising they would be unable to control Gallifrey, the Sontarans sought to destroy it so the Doctor was forced to retrieve the De-mat gun and use it to erase their leader, Stor , from history.

With his homeworld protected and Borusa once again in charge, the Doctor planned to resume his travels. But he learned Leela had fallen in love with a Gallifreyan guard named Andred and wished to remain with him; K9 likewise wished to stay with his "mistress". Though he seemed sad at first to lose both companions, the Doctor quickly pulled out a crate marked " K9 Mark II " from a storage area and grinned to himself. Info from Those Left Behind needs to be added. He urged the team to abandon the park, which they finally agreed to after Phelan was killed. They realised Donnelley was returning to Earth in her spaceship, which was likely contaminated with Vashta Nerada.

Onboard they found Donnelley dead and managed to return the ship to orbit over Funworld, though Steele died in the process by saving the Doctor from Vashta Nerada onboard by poisoning herself and letting them consume her. The Doctor sent a broadcast from the ship warning that Funworld was unsafe and left, lamenting his inability to save anyone. The Master used a broadcast to have one of the listeners to connect telepathically to his TARDIS and become a replica of him which he sent out to face the Doctor and the revolutionaries while he escaped.

Arriving on the Starship Future the Doctor discovered the crew had salvaged a damaged Dalek and attempted to warn them about it. He discovered the Dalek was using dormant colonists to breed a new Dalek army and confronted it, during which he learnt a future version of him would destroy the Time Squad this Dalek had belonged to. The Doctor began to investigate a string of murders that were caused by stuffed animals. The animals came from a taxidermy factory, run by a passionate taxidermist called Percy Noggins. Upon meeting the Doctor, Percy sent a small army of stuffed animals to kill him, since he had deemed him a threat.

The Doctor discovered the stuffed animals and Percy were being controlled by the Hornets , an alien race that wanted to take control of the Doctor's mind. The Doctor later travelled to Cromer to investigate previous incursions of the Hornets on Earth, where he found a dancer called Ernestina Stott stealing some ballet shoes with the remains of feet inside them, owned by Mrs Fenella Wibbsey , curatress of the Cromer museum, both under the influence of the Hornets. Upon discovering the significance of the ballet shoes in his investigations, the Doctor learned they were the ballet shoes of a dancer called Francesca, just like Ernestina, and they were being used by the Hornets as a hive for their dormant swarm, which Mrs Wibbsey had been taking care of for years.

The Hornets attempted to use Mrs Wibbsey to shrink the Doctor and Ernestina down, putting them inside a doll's house filled with deadly dolls animated by the Hornets, but the Doctor escaped and found a way to bring them back to normal. After that, the Hornets tried to occupy Ernestina's body, making her their new hive, but the Doctor stopped them by removing the ballet shoes before they could take full possession of her.

He confiscated the doll's house and the ballet shoes and placed Mrs Wibbsey under his protection in Nest Cottage as his housekeeper and regularly mesmerised her to prevent the Hornets from taking over her mind. AUDIO : The Dead Shoes However, the Doctor later discovered that Ernestina was still carrying the dormant Hornets inside her, who then made contact with her grandson, Percy Noggins, the taxidermist who cooperated with the Hornets in their scheme to control stuffed animals. The Doctor then travelled to Blandford to investigate the Circus of Delights, whose arrival coincided with disappearances in the village. During this trip to Blandford, the Doctor encountered a girl named Sally , whose father had prevented her from attending.

Sally and Farrow accompanied the Doctor in his investigation of the circus, where the Doctor discovered that the Hornets were responsible for odd goings-on at the circus, led by the dwarf ringmaster, Antonio. It was discovered that the Hornets had been taking possession of members of the village, so they could feed off the negative emotions that the villagers produced, using the circus to draw more victims into their trap. Upon mesmerising Antonio, the Doctor found out that he had come into contact with the Hornets as a young boy, in Venice , when they came out of a blue box that had appeared from nowhere.

However, after the Doctor had extracted all the information he wanted from Antonio, the Hornets had completely left his body with the intent of making Francesca their new hive. The Doctor attempted to stop the Hornets occupying Francesca, but was unsuccessful, leading Francesca to cast herself off the high wire upon the command of her masters, killing her. After the Doctor's defeat of the Hornets in Blandford, the Doctor had taken the husk of Antonio back to Nest Cottage and placed a stasis field around it, and then used him as a garden gnome.

The Doctor found out that the Hornets remained dormant in Francesca's dead body, which was stolen by Farrow and Sally. Eventually, her mummified feet and ballet shoes would make their way to the museum in Cromer. The Doctor finally found the earliest infestation of the Hornets in the year , in a nunnery in Northumbria , which was under siege by wild dogs, possessed by the Hornets, who met the Doctor for the first time from their perspective.

While there, the Doctor discovered that the Hornets had recently come to Earth, and were now looking for their lost Hornet Queen who had hidden in the body of a pig trapped in the nunnery. He realised that they were unable to take possession of the nuns in Northumbria, because they couldn't inhabit the bodies of those who had consumed alcohol. They escaped and encountered the younger Antonio in The Doctor searched for the Hornets in Venice for days, but he later realised that he was responsible for the Hornets' contact with Antonio, who would eventually set up his Circus of Delights.

The Doctor then took the wild dog back to Nest Cottage, where it became his dog, Captain. The Doctor put an advertisement in a magazine to invite Mike Yates into his investigation of the Hornets. After the stuffed animals in the Nest Cottage came alive and both Mike and the Doctor were forced to retreat into the cellar, the Doctor decided to keep him up to speed, by telling him about all his encounters with the Hornets. The Doctor wanted to finally defeat the Hornets by neutralising their queen.

Therefore, with the help of Mike Yates and Mrs Wibbsey, he used Francesca's ballet shoes and his TARDIS' dimensional stabiliser to shrink themselves, so they were able to enter the hive of the Hornets, which happened to be a stuffed zebra housing the Hornet Queen herself. During the expedition into the hive of the Hornets, Mike had become paranoid and suspicious of Mrs Wibbsey, leading to his handcuffing her and directing her to the centre of the hive, resulting in a confrontation with the Hornet Queen. It was during this confrontation that the Hornet Queen revealed she had taken possession of Mike. It was this revelation that the Doctor realised that it must have been the control of the Hornets that forced him to put that advertisement in the magazine, using what knowledge she had taken from the Doctor's mind so she could draw Mike to Nest Cottage, believing him perfect to take control since he had so many negative experiences.

Since the Hornets were no longer restrained by the force shield, they took their opportunity to return to the Hornet hive, so the Doctor threatened all the Hornets by burning the whole hive. However, the Doctor realised that he could use the Hornet Queen's desire for the Hornet's royal jelly that they produced against her. He achieved this by filling Francesca's ballet shoe with royal jelly, and the Queen, overcome with the desire for the jelly, drank it out of the shoe. The Doctor used the residual energy of the Hornets in the shoe and the sonic screwdriver 's connection to the dimensional stabiliser to shrink the Hornet Queen so small she could only exist in the micro-universe.

This weakened the Hornets and gave the Doctor the opportunity to escape, so he could increase their size again. This allowed the Doctor to reactivate the dimensional stabiliser, so he could put a force shield around the hive to contain all the Hornets in the stuffed zebra, sending them to the other side of the universe. This gave the occupants of Nest Cottage the chance to celebrate Christmas the following day. He was brought to a TARDIS control console room from his future alongside his second , third , fifth and sixth incarnations , and told that Time had disassembled the control console and set the TARDIS on a course for the heart of the sun, with the Doctors' only hope being to reassemble the control console.

Unable to achieve the task due to their bickering, the Doctors were saved when the First Doctor united them in reversing time itself with their pooled temporal powers. The Fourth Doctor teamed up with all of his other incarnations to save Gallifrey from destruction at the end of the Last Great Time War , TV : The Day of the Doctor even joining them on the surface of the planet to save people from natural disasters that were occurring as a result of their attempt to shift it into another dimension. TV : The Day of the Doctor. The Doctor with Tiger Maratha. The Doctor met archaeologist and adventurer Tiger Maratha , and the two briefly travelled together, during which the Doctor made the acquaintance of Tiger's daughter, Priyanka , once offering her a bag of jelly babies.

Amongst their adventures included fighting the Deathlings at Angkor Wat. While he stayed in Nest Cottage, someone stole the Doctor's spatial geometer , leaving behind a bag with five objects as clues. They were taken by Celtic soldiers who believed them to be Druids , and wanted to use them to assassinate the wizard in a neighbouring village, who was threatening them.

They travelled to this village, and on the way found dead husks, drained of their life essence. In the village, the Roman Emperor Claudius was posing as the wizard, who desired to escape from Rome and the troubles of being emperor. During an attack by the Celts from the village, the Doctor managed to stop them from fighting by using a voicemail message of Mike Yates from the Nest Cottage telephone he had with him.

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