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Dry Skin

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How to relieve dry skin

In contrast, photoaging results from the UVR of sunlight and the damage thus becomes apparent in sun-exposed skin. Characteristics of this aging type are dry and sallow skin displaying fine wrinkles as well as deep furrows, resulting from the disorganization of epidermal and dermal components associated with elastosis and heliodermatitis. Understanding of the functions of the skin and the basic principles of moisturizer use and application is important for the prevention of skin aging. But where does that lack of moisture come from?

Normally, the top layer of skin is made up of dead cells and natural oils, which help trap moisture to keep the skin soft and smooth, according to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. But sometimes the dryness will be severe and may indicate an underlying skin issue or health condition more on that below. Your first thought when you experience dry skin may be to pile on moisturizer. You might be surprised by what you find — some skin dehydrators lurk in surprising places. If you're looking for remedies for dry skin, check this list first to find out whether one of these offenders may be to blame, and find out how experts suggest you combat these dehydrators.

You should see improvements within a week or two of caring for your skin properly, according to Harvard Health. It could take several exposures for the skin to react, or you might see a reaction the very first time, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Check the ingredients list for the word "fragrance," and remember "fragrance-free" is your friend. Body lotions and creams may do more harm than good when packed with perfumes. Read labels carefully. Joel Schlessinger, MD , a dermatologist in Omaha, Nebraska, warns against harsh detergents — and even fabric softeners — if you have dry skin. Instead, look for gentle laundry soaps like Seventh Generation Free and Clear. Chalk it up to another thing you can blame on your mom and dad: Researchers say that dry skin can be inherited.

According to a study , mutations in genes that control the production of the protein filaggrin, which plays a role in forming and hydrating the skin barrier, can cause several skin conditions. People with these mutations, estimated to be about 10 percent of the population, suffer drier skin and have a greater chance of developing eczema. Atopic dermatitis is a common type of eczema. If you've always had dry skin or if it runs in your family, it's essential that you're diligent with daily moisturization.

When tap water contains a high concentration of minerals like magnesium and calcium , it's known as hard water, according to the U. Other reasons for dry skin can include dehydration, skin conditions, and health issues such as allergies, diabetes, or hormone fluctuations. For example, lotion may be able to get deeper into the skin because it is water based, but body oil, when applied correctly, can help heal the skin barrier, which will lead to better moisture retention. A body oil should only be applied below the neck unless otherwise directed. Some body oils have been shown to be safe for use on the face, such as coconut and argan oil. Using an oil designed specifically for the skin on the face is a better bet.

The right oils can potentially help you improve your skin barrier, which protects your skin from toxins and germs in your environment. Research has shown that almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, and others are best for dry skin and conditions that cause dry skin like eczema. Oils can be good products to use to help address dry skin, but not all body oils will work for everyone. You will not get as many benefits if you choose a low-quality oil. Also, remember to do a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients in the oil you choose. If you have a skin condition or any questions regarding oils and their use, contact your doctor for advice and recommendations.

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