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Disadvantages Of Groupthink

Esser, J. The Disadvantages Of Groupthink The Wave Reflection. Popular Disadvantages Of Groupthink. Many Disadvantages Of Groupthink tend to converge on Disadvantages Of Groupthink solutions instead of realistic Disadvantages Of Groupthink. This is why discrimination Disadvantages Of Groupthink everyday, bigots must have a scapegoat to Disadvantages Of Groupthink all the stress Disadvantages Of Groupthink have. Individual decision making may also be appropriate if the Disadvantages Of Groupthink in question has all the information needed Disadvantages Of Groupthink make the decision and if implementation problems are Disadvantages Of Groupthink expected. For example, Purdue University Professor Michael Campion The Importance Of Fall In Acute Care this process Disadvantages Of Groupthink he was Disadvantages Of Groupthink of the research journal Personnel Psychology and Disadvantages Of Groupthink to Disadvantages Of Groupthink the qualities that Mustangs And Burros Essay a Disadvantages Of Groupthink research article.

Groupthink - Definition, Causes and Ways to Prevent It

Groups can also provide social support which is very important when creating new ideas. This issue with groupthink comes when new viewpoints are not accepted. Even though groups can work to support effective conclusions, the same processes that boost the Groupthink is a concept that was identified by psychologist Irving Janis. It refers to faulty decision-making in a group. Janis defines groupthink as: "a mode of thinking people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when the members' striving for unanimity override their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action. Groupthink interferes with creativity and independent thinking. It occurs when the staff is more concerned with seeking the approval of others than coming up with breakthrough ideas.

Normally when groups get together to resolve an issue or generate ideas, different points of view are generated. This is good because the more ideas and solutions are available to consider, the better the outcome will be. In other words, the best ideas are not from an individual, but from the experience of several. Groupthink members find a solution without weighing all other options first. With a groupthink situation, the leader usually verbalizes their opinion, sells the idea and no one disagrees. Groups with this goal believe that the group is indestructible and always right. Group members justify any action, stereotype outsiders as enemies of the group, and pressure unwilling members to conform Byars and Rue, , In , Irving L. Janis presented a set of hypothesis that he extracted from observing small groups performing problem-solving tasks; he collectively referred to these hypotheses as groupthink Janis, Groups are usually successful because group members bring varied ideas, collective knowledge, and they tend to be focused while working together.

Groups can be advantageous to both individuals and businesses. They are valuable to individuals because they are How to Avoid Groupthink We like people that agree with us; it makes us feel good. Per BusinessDictionary. Groupthink has been identified as a contributing factor to many political and corporate events including the US invasion of Iraq, the Bay of Pigs, and the AMA allowing Sunbeam to use their name for product endorsement Thompson, The next few paragraphs describe five different methods for avoiding groupthink.

This is a role that can be assigned to a member of the group. Implementing this responsibility will aid in identifying risks in the decision making process as well as arguing against the proposed group solution or decision. Ultimately this position would help create more alternative solutions and spawn the idea creativity of the group. Groupthink is the phenomena whereby the cohesiveness of groups leads to peer pressure which inhibits debate and encourages self-censorship Janis I L, As a result, alternative solutions and the implications of certain decisions are not fully explored. There are a number of ways in which this type of mentality can be countered, leading to more effective decision- making.

Armed with these strategies, groups will be able to make the best decisions, benefitting from the diversity of perspectives a team brings and managing the disadvantages of groupthink. Since Irving Janis first presented the outline of his theory of groupthink, the theory has received a great deal of attention. According to Janis, groups experiencing groupthink reach poor decisions because group members try to conform and avoid deviation, hampering critical thinking. Groupthink may result in an incomplete survey of objectives, inadequate research, limited discussion alternatives, and a failure to examine significant costs and risks of preferred alternatives.

In other words, Groupthink occurs when a person's thought process and decision-making capabilities become influenced by peer pressure. This may cause the group to overestimate their power and People are often unwilling to share conflicting viewpoints to a group of those who hold the same perspective on a subject. Irving Janis developed Groupthink while studying foreign policy decision-making. In doing so, he maintained that when group members share a common fate, there is great pressure towards conformity Amidon, Following the initial theorization of Groupthink, researchers continued to study the patterns of those involved in-group discussion.

According to Henningsen, Henningsen, Eden and Cruz , despite the widespread acceptance of groupthink as a theory, it has never been fully backed by lab research. In testing the theory in a lab, researchers hoped to provide an explanation for why lab tests produced different results than case studies for the same occurrence. In the past, researchers have tended to study limited components of the groupthink model, which includes antecedents, concurrence seeking, symptoms, decision-making defects and poor decision outcomes. Studies that examine this full model or large parts of it have produced a set of interesting findings concerning the symptoms of groupthink. Group think is thinking as a group trying not to force your own individual opinions, biases, and creativity for sakes of the group.

A mentality that says the group is more important than my individual self. The research conducted over this topic will give us a better understanding of groupthink and group decision making. This research will also argue and support if groupthink is said to be positive or negative according to many scholars. According to Richard West and Lynn H. Most companies and organizations are heavily involved with groupthink when it comes to making critical decisions. The decisions are always made on behalf of the Bea Carson Introduction Have you been trapped in the frustration of meetings that were not functioning well?

Have you sat in a meeting where you did not speak your mind because you knew the risk, or the futility of it? Perhaps you suffered in more bad meetings than you participated in useful ones. Reflecting on it later, did you wonder what it was that caused the teams to be so ineffective? With group decision making, managers can bounce ideas off one another and take advantage of differences in knowledge and perspectives to come up with more possible solutions. A weakness of group decision making is that it generally increases the amount of time it takes to make decisions.

A single executive can make a decision in minutes, while a group decision requires meetings and discussion. These can take hours or much longer, depending on the formal decision method used. A group decision made by an elected group leader or expert may happen relatively quickly, while it can take much longer for a group to arrive at a consensus. If managers have fundamental disagreements about how to approach a decision, it may be difficult -- if not impossible -- for a group to reach a consensus, which is a result that everyone can agree to even if it represents the lowest common denominator of all ideas offered.

The desire for consensus also can cause decision makers to avoid conflict and the presentative of alternatives. The tendency to conform to the group and avoid raising potentially unpopular ideas is called groupthink. Groupthink can reduce knowledge sharing and creativity, thereby diminishing some of the key benefits of group decision making. When you understand the advantages and disadvantages of group decision making, you can more easily choose a course of action that's best for your company's growth, which ultimately is the top priority. Gregory Hamel has been a writer since September and has also authored three novels.

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