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Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer

Follow Facebook Twitter. They work with inmates, probation officers, and agencies to difference between orthodox and reform judaism plans for parole and release providing case reports. Words: - Pages: 5. Through research, I came to the conclusion Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer becoming Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer probation officer would be pride and prejudice criticism more suitable author of in cold blood for me and the goals I want to Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer. To be eligible for a job as probation officer also have be knowledgeable about the laws and regulations pertaining to corrections in your state. I Monopolies During The Progressive Era to assist Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer the Depravity Standard Study, Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer ongoing project funded by the Panel to enhance fairness in criminal sentencing. Another reason Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer I became interested in the criminology field was Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer I have always wanted to give back to my community. Additionally, expert witnesses must convince the judge or the jury that their testimony is truthful and that of sound science.

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Depending on the size of the department, it may take years before a position becomes available, so determining is the. Strong communication skills whether orally or written can be useful especially when the officers have to put together reports to argue in the courts. I think that they should have an understanding of various other legal occupations as well as being familiar with and understanding people various and diverse background.

Probation and parole officers need to be able to cope well with the stress of their job as their caseloads are usually large. When I worked in corrections as an officer the minimum was a high school diploma. Some ways they relate are that they to maintain order. Once a bailiff you must meet the requirements to become one, know the duties that must do, and to know why these duties relate to the criminal justice system. To become a Bailiff, you at least need a high school diploma or a GED. After that, there are minimum requirements to be a Bailiff. The requirements to become a bailiff vary by states, court systems and even potentially from court to court within a court system.

In this field one has to be diligent and thorough in every aspect of work. One of the professional ethics of this field is being confidential. One must be able to timely prepare each case, given that cases have set dates and scheduled timing. It is necessary to compile information given, come up with points of research, and go through evidence to find what is needed to win the case before the date is set for court. Therefore, I would have prepared in a similar fashion the expert witnesses for the trial. Forensics experts must be prepared before they testify. Additionally, expert witnesses must convince the judge or the jury that their testimony is truthful and that of sound science.

It is critical that they are highly knowledgeable, organized, alert, composed, and ethical. Moreover, the expert when showing their knowledge must show that they are relevant, have command if the subject matter, and are knowledgeable about the state and jurisdictional laws relevant to the case and they must know how to demonstrate their evidence. There are serval skills you need to have to succeed as a State Trooper and their are personality characteristics that are essential in this career.

One big aspect you need to have if you are trying to become a State Trooper is to have a good moral character. You must undergo a physical agility evaluation, including a drug screen also pass an extensive background investigation, including a polygraph examination. The state trooper salary starts at thirty five thousand six hundred while attending training at the academy. After one Lemieux 2. I am immensely committed to serving and improving my community, as I have made distinctly clear with my service hours. Discovering the behavior causes behind a juvenile delinquent can often lead to a rehabilitation plan to reform the offender.

Many schools and communities offer mentoring programs. One of the first organizations to provide this type of service are the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. In a mentoring program, a juvenile is assigned an adult who acts as both a friend and a teacher. The mentor is someone who is a community role model to whom the teens can turn when they need help or simply talk to about problems. You must at least one of these trainings or educations to become a trooper but the best place to get the training is at the Peace Officer Standards and Training. My desire is to become a criminal investigator. I have been working towards this goal for about four years now. Halfway homes provide temporary living quarters to assist in the transition from corrections to free society.

The transition going from incarceration to being free has many difficulties and struggles for offenders. You will have to attend college and investing a good amount of time and money into earning an education. But the application process for an individual who just turned sixteen involves them filling out an application form, taking a short-written test and an eye examination. Persons under the age of eighteen usually undergo the GDL program which is much longer than for an 18year old applicant As shown below in Table 1: New York Driver Licensing process.

But before they can be allowed to take the tests, the parents must provide a social security number and a birth certificate for the child. When a crime is committed and an individual is caught in the act, there is a set process that one follows to adhere to the rules of the criminal justice system. This method can be simplified by looking at the common flow of events: 1 an individual is arrested, 2 individual is brought to court, 3 individual receives a punishment. Though it may appear that the way in which the criminal justice system functions is sufficient, many voice the concern that there are certain key players affected by crimes that are consistently disregarded. These players are otherwise known as the victims and the community. As a result, many have hypothesized a new approach to justice that incorporate all aspects of crime.

I enrolled in this class to get a better understanding of being a probation officer. My career goal is to help people who are struggling and be able to find solutions to their problems. I want to work with teenagers and help prevent them from going to jail, or prison in the future. Anyone that wants to become an Federal bureau Investigator agent needs experience with law enforcement before joining the FBI production. Depending on what you qualify for candidates are examined on critical skills.

To be a federal Bureau Investigator Agent you need to be at least 23 to 36 years old. You must hold a four-year degree from a college or university accredited by one of the institutional associations recognized by the United States Secretary of Education. The University of Phoenix is one of the best to attend for this career also you should stay for four years. An FBI agent makes 46, a year! Offenders are required to appear in court frequently so the judge can evaluate their progress. He manages to be a friend to everyone, however at times my dad can be tough on my siblings and me, but he definitely knows when to be there for us, and calm us down.

When my dad was younger, his parents were a lot harder on him and asked much more of him then he does of us. I respect my dad greatly for knowing how to sit down and talk to us in a way more than just a dad, but a friend. My focus, during the interview that I conducted with a police sergeant at a local police department, was on a program within a school district that is aimed at anonymity and rewards to help with problem solving, but it is also providing a community service and helping in deterring crime.

The program is a crime stoppers program where people are able to call in and give anonymous tips, if an arrest or seizure is made, then these people are able to collect a reward for their tip. Overall, it is a great program, great enough for the city police and the school district police to each have one that is independent from one another, yet work together hand in hand. After hearing what my interviewee had to say about the program, I would have to say that…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Related Documents Sunny's Role In Criminal Justice The programs goals were to stop their violent behaviors and teach them about restorative justice and how their violent acts effects the victim, their families, and the community as a whole.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 5. Probation And Parole Essay Objectives and Efficiency of Community Corrections Community Corrections are programs such as probation and parole whose main objective is to oversee offenders who have been reentered into the community as a part of their sentence. Words: - Pages: 4. Essay On Diversion And Probation However, they do have the opportunity for counsel advisement before accepting the program.

Summary: The Morality Of Abortion want to work with teenagers Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer help prevent them from going Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer jail, or prison in the future. Drug Court Essay They are provided with treatment to get and stay clean and sober. Create Flashcards. Imagine what the world would be Career Essay: A Career As A Probation Officer if this were a reality.