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Cuban Embargo Analysis

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The U.S. and Cuba's Complicated History Explained

At least nine young Cuban baseball players have defected during a tournament in Mexico, officials say, in the largest defection of Cuban athletes in years. Cuban officials called the players' actions during the World Cup for athletes under the age of 23 "vile abandonments", state media report. The rest of the team, which originally had 24 players, will return on Monday. Cuban athletes have a long history of defecting while competing abroad. The statement by Cuba's National Sports Institute, published on the official JIT website and quoted by the Associated Press news agency, did not name the players who had stayed in Mexico.

But baseball journalist Francys Romero said a total of 12 players had defected. A deal that allowed some Cuban players to sign with MLB clubs was cancelled by President Donald Trump in , in an attempt to pressure the island's Communist government to implement political changes. The agreement meant athletes no longer had to abscond and leave Cuba illegally. Defections of high-profile sportsmen and women from Cuba is nothing new - but is always an indication of the extent of the problems at home.

And if this latest round of pitchers, batters and catchers to flee their hotel in Mexico is anything to go by, economic conditions on the island are especially acute at present. The mass defection is of particular frustration and embarrassment to the Cuban authorities not only for the number of players to defect at once, but also their ages. In their early 20s, they represented the future of Cuban baseball, charged with returning Cuba to the top after the island failed to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo for the first time in its history. Unsurprisingly, the government responded by attacked the players for being "weak" in morals and ethics. Ties had been essentially frozen after Fidel Castro took power in He has taken a tough line on Havana and rolled back many of the sanctions that the Obama administration had eased or lifted after the restoration of full diplomatic relations in In addition to attacking Cuba for its support of Maduro, the Trump administration has also suggested that Cuba may have been behind or allowed alleged sonic attacks that left dozens of U.

However, few U. S, allies believe Cuba remains a sponsor of international terrorism, quibbling with either the definition based on the support for Maduro or outright rejecting American claims that Cuban authorities are bankrolling or masterminding international terrorist attacks. Nonetheless, cheered on by Cuban American and Venezuelan exiles in south Florida, the Trump administration has steadily increased restrictions on flights, trade and financial transactions between the U. The latest sanctions put Cuba alongside North Korea, Syria and Iran as the only foreign nations deemed state sponsors of terrorism.

Morales said unwinding the measure will take at least a year and require careful study by the U. Cuba has repeatedly refused to turn over U. In addition to political refugee status, U. Cuba has had a long-standing alliance with Maduro, although it has long denied it has 20, troops and intelligence agents in Venezuela and says it has not carried out any security operations. Cuban officials, however, have said they have the right to carry out broad military and intelligence cooperation that they deem as legitimate. The relationship between the two countries has grown strong in the past two decades, with Venezuela sending Cuba oil shipments worth billions of dollars and receiving tens of thousands of employees, including medical workers.

He cited an armed attack on its embassy in Washington last April as one example. Cubans see the blacklist as helping the U. Support Provided By: Learn more. Monday, Oct

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