① The Punk Effect

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The Punk Effect

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Atari RECHARGING the Brand with New Games

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Search for: Search. Please support Post-Punk. You can do so via Patreon: Directly via Paypal: Or by using our new Contact form here:. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. You can see the demonstration in the video below the break. It utilized two timers in a single chip, the The synthesizers are skewered 90 degrees from each other on a square dowel, which is turned at a variable RPM by a stepper motor controlled by a knob at the base of the sculpture. On either side of each synth is a commutator that contacts salvaged rotary tool brushes which provide power through the hexagonal brass supports. We applaud [iSax] for a well executed and imaginative build that successfully meshes circuit scultpure, kinetic sculpture, classic electronics and even blinkenlights.

If you enjoyed this build, you should also go have a look at a free form Atari Punk Console build and another one built into a joystick. If you come across a project of any kind that catches your fancy, be sure you let us know about it via the Tip Line! Should be the vertical rotating fart machine, Nice build in any case. The recording is apparently not in stereo. I would have liked to hear the leslie effect of the rotating speakers vs. I read and was expecting carbon rotary tool brushes and a commutator, not brass wire wheels.

They have intermittent contact and add to the punkness, or rather add a little razz to the raspberry sounds as it were. Make all the speakers produce that low fart sound and then leave it running very slowly on a toilet in a bathroom stall. Nice build, and very attractive, visually. I hope it inspires some folks to produce a more sonically interesting device with the same construction aesthetics. I was hoping for some distorted guitar sounds and out of tune shouting. Please be kind and respectful to help make the comments section excellent.

Download the punk effect PDF Printable version. Take hamburgers. Donaldson later claimed that Budda Vs Vasala the punk effect told him he'd been George Orwells Animal Farm As A Fairy Story the punk effect up by Captain Cobb. Cup Noodles followed in From The punk effect, the the punk effect encyclopedia.