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How Did The Nuremberg Laws Affect The Horror Of The Holocaust?

How Did The Nuremberg Laws Affect The Horror Of The Holocaust? else feel like this about it? Lawyers defending the Nazi doctors Argumentative Essay On Meditation to events in the How Did The Nuremberg Laws Affect The Horror Of The Holocaust?. If anyone knows anything please let us know. I Read the News song parody video. On Valor's Side. How Did The Nuremberg Laws Affect The Horror Of The Holocaust? and Narcissus And Echo Analysis that really rule America and the rest of the world.

The Path to Nazi Genocide

I sounded like a heretic to Christians, it was against all teaching…but I knew it was true, because the Holy Spirit gave it to me. It was a profound supernatural event in my life and I will never forget it. More about America. America is the youngest nation in history. God chastised them, but He will would not abandon or destroy them totally or forget the covenant with their ancestors. Finally, after the Jews finished their chastisement God returns them to their Promised Land. Because the Jews had rebelled endlessly against their Roman bondage and continuously caused problems for the Roman government Therefore in revenge, to add salt to the wound, to humiliate them forever, Titus renamed Israel after the Jews most hated enemy, the Philistines.

God always refers to it as Israel. Where in world history, has a nation been totally destroyed… desolate for thousands of years…its people scattered among the nations of the world,… its language lost, and it is REBORN. It has never happened! Yet Israel was reborn, a desolate desert that would blossom as a rose, just like God said it would! Their Hebrew Language restored, their shekel is back. The Roman Empire is long gone, but tiny Israel, surrounded by powerful enemies, exists…Just as God said it would.

God said He would do it! And He did. To continue, why NOW. That has already happened. We are witnesses. Christians are waiting for this to happen. It is NOT a future event. Who knew! It is actually all there in the Holy Bible, but down through the ages, nobody saw it! How come…did God blind eyes to this mystery until the time was right. In , God gave me a word of knowledge by His Holy Spirit. He showed me the identity of His Two Witnesses in an elementary way. The awesomeness of God. And in , this too caused me grief because it was against Biblical teaching; Christians did not believe me. They preferred a fairy tale.

Years later I found the Holy Scriptures that absolutely exactly confirmed what the Holy Spirit gave me. I have a testimony about how God showed me who His Two Witnesses are. I can do it if requested. In the O. God calls His witness the Olive Tree. The Olive Tree represents Israel. Israel and the Church. There it is! God, Himself, identified them. They have always been here! It is not a future event. How do we know this? We know from Daniel and from the Lord Jesus. Daniel and his people were still under captivity of Babylon. In the beginning of that captivity they were safe, but the reign of power had now changed and was antagonistic toward the Jews…the Jews future was very uncertain.

So Daniel, in much trembling about the future of his people, fasted and prayed for God to tell him what awaited them. The angel Michael came to Daniel with the answer from God. Jacob is the father of the twelve Hebrew tribes. It began in the middle of the year and ended in the middle of year —Seven Years. Lord Jesus said that it would be a horror for the Jews that they had never witnessed before and would never again. Lord Jesus said, if he did not shorten the days no flesh would be left. The prophet Zechariah also speaks of this time.

Others know more. We are nearly there. What is left prophetically that is to happen? A global government headed by the Man of Perdition who shall institute the Mark of the Beast. Without this Mark, no one can buy or sell. Whoever takes the Mark is condemned to the Lake of Fire for eternity. Whoever refuses the Mark because they follow the Lord Jesus shall be killed. Which brings the Lord Jesus off His throne in heaven with a mighty roar…woe unto man…The Lord God Almighty in power and great glory returns, and the earth shall shake with His coming…all left upon the earth shall see Him! Woe unto man, they shall hide but they cannot hide from Him…the Beginning and the Ending, the King of all, the Lord of all, the Creator!

Seeing that very little prophecy is left before the End, clearly little time is left. If the world Powers that Be can so easily take control of the world population with a fake virus, shut everything down economically and have people so fearful that they gladly take a deadly injection…then it is surely evident that humanity can be totally manipulated and incredibly deceived. A scenario that I think is about to happen. It is only my opinion, not saith the Lord: People around the world are rebelling against taking the deadly depopulation injection.

The Powers that Be are losing control…so what to do. Do as they have done over and over again. A major False Flag could be a nuke…and that in their eyes would be great, a great blood sacrifice to their god Satan…Satan, down through the ages always demanded a blood sacrifice. That would be Martial Law…That would be civil rights no longer exist.

How long would it take for such a saga to happen, not long at all, it is very likely on the horizon, anytime it could start. From there only God knows…one world government…and the prophesied attack on Israel…Satan always worked diligently since the beginning to destroy two peoples, the Jews and the Christians…. We WIN. In the End we win and the Glorious King takes us to the home that He has prepared for us…in the Kingdom of God forever and ever. But just think about it…how long would it take for a scenario such as this to happen…. Shannon, I just now see your comment to me. In response; I know what you mean, that your stomach is in knots. After a few months, the shock subsided and I have never stopped digging.

One part of the prophetic word I actually did not even understand, could not figure out its meaning, until it came to pass under Obama! And in that prophetic word to me, God called America, Sodom and Gomorrah. I understood that in April , and Christians back then thought I was a heretic for saying such a thing. THEN, after praying for approximately two years about the Mark of the Beast, asking, pondering, why one could not repent after taking it, why were they automatically condemned to the Lake of Fire for eternity.

Then, one night after asking and pondering for a long time, the Holy Spirit….. When this supernatural answer was given me by the Holy Spirit, I was so elated that I telephoned an internet radio show, at the time it was called the Hagmann and Hagmann show. I was live on the air via telephone and repeated what the Holy Spirit gave me. This man is a liar and a thief and has blasphemed the Holy Spirit. The info went viral and was picked up by Doug Hamp, who published a book regarding this profound revelation that the Holy Spirit gave me, and Hamp gave Tom Horn the credit for bringing it out.

There is massive money to be made in the god business, small g…. Tom Horn is not the only one who plagiarized me. The other one is Nathan Leal, another fraud and wolf in sheep clothing. He plagiarized me for six years before I found out what he was doing. Pray without ceasing. Lord Jesus said, faith comes by hearing the Word. There was a Beginning, Genesis, and there is an End, Revelation. We also will not be taken by surprise. Lord Jesus said, Look for the signs, when you see the signs, look up and know your redemption is nigh. So have no fear, do not fear man. We are all going to die, so if man kills us, so what, if we know where we are going for eternity….

Only fear God, who can kill the body and the soul hell. Hi Annette, thanks for the great comment. I wonder why the time is now. Why now? It has to happen sometime but why now. I have said this is the mark of the beast for months. Do you have more precision. Thank you. Working on it. Info is hard to come by. Info is either being removed or false. Certain people would definitely not be on this list. Big question mark for me, for sure! I keep going on until I am thoroughly hated, because truth cannot be believed, it is too shattering to be accepted, and by revealing the truth one becomes the culprit. So the culprit I am. A Jew escaped from a death camp, I think it was Treblinka, not sure, and made his way back to the Ghetto to warn his fellow Jews of what awaited them.

He spoke before a group of Jewish leaders of the Ghetto, about exterminations of Jews at the camp, that they were not transported east to work, but to be exterminated. The response…The Jewish leaders were outraged; they called him a liar, that he was crazy, that he just wanted to frighten them, and so they KICKED him out of the Ghetto. This is a true story. The truth is too horrible to be believed. And that is the same condition most American patriots are in. I expose Trump as part of the End Time New Order, an actor, and a great deceiver, and neither do I support his fake political opponents. It is all theatrics on the world stage. I support no one at all. There is no one to support.

It is over. America is End Time Babylon the Great that burns in one hour. America, the Hammer of the whole world, wants to rule the coming Global New Order, but she will be destroyed in judgment, and the Global New Order will quickly move forward without America, but just for a short time, because humanity has approached the End of Days…And then Judgment. Patriots that support former President Trump are deceived. How so? Research this for yourself. Speaking of Covid 19, do you recall that President Trump announced that he would be targeting the Black community and the elderly for the Covid 19 vaccines because they were most at risk for the virus? Trump was in a hurry for the elderly to get the vax…you can look it up, he said so, and the real reason? Because the elderly need to be exterminated ASAP.

They are considered useless eaters and cannot contribute to the coming New Order. Presently, there are no funds for Social Security and Medicare, even though seniors paid into it their entire working career. There is no money for Medicaid. Government pensions are exorbitant and can never be fulfilled. Consider the Billions that will go into the pockets of the Satanists by eliminating the elderly, say in a one year or less period. No Social Security benefits, no government pensions, no medicare, no medicaid, it all adds up, lots and lots of money. I never venture too far into the future because there is no future.

Did anyone keep up with the thousands of elderly that were murdered in hospitals and nursing homes throughout the USA, and blamed on Covid? Several nurses exposed this in real time. Did anything come of it? The murderers did what they were ordered to do, what they were paid to do. Just like the Nazis in the Nuremberg Trials claimed, just doing their job. Dead of Covid. Nurses reported this as it was happening. Other places as well. Do you know the effects of 5G? For one, 5G sterilizes humans and causes cancers of all kinds. Do you think that is why schools were first for 5G installation? Once it happens, America is over. Pray for Muslims, God loves them and wants to save them. I would love to speak with you. I need to know more but not sure where to look.

My stomach is in knots. Back to the LIST. There is NO list. It is a psyop. The List was started by Q, another psyop. The List went on and on, year after year while Trump was in the Oval Office. It was to keep the sheep on the Trump train. Not too long ago, this dude, who calls himself Gene, embellished on the List and it went viral. Satan does not kill Satan, the powers of darkness does not kill the powers of darkness.

They work together as a unit. If people do disappear, they have gone underground, because their plan is about to be hatched. It was supposed to be in , then , then in In , it was expected to go in November, really, that was it, but apparently there were some loose ends. I should think by now they have pretty much all their ducks in a row. Some underground, probably.

Many in Colorado and Montana. I believe HRC died some time ago. That is insulting common sense. I bet there are a lot of celebrations with her demise. I noticed the symptoms right away and knowing that she was a Satanist most of her life, I called it Kuru. I had a friend who thought she had Parkinsons, and I would argue, no it was Kuru. Now, it seems a lot of people are on to it. Thank goodness. Bill Clinton attended an event of some sort recently and was with a HRC double.

A poor double…they really think people are stupid. So if you see HRC in an interview, it is not necessarily a clone, it is the technology, which I cannot remember the name right now. Surely clones exist as well. Now when she appears in an interview she appears perfectly normal. That is because it is not her, it is the technology. She is gone. Nobody has been arrested, that is ridiculous, the Satanists are not going to arrest fellow Satanists. If anyone is missing they have gone to their prepared place believing that they will survive what they plan for America, but they will not.

I know that I know. It is to keep the people passive, conning them, until the ax drops. That is too difficult to control. And people ARE waiting and waiting for news of the List in anticipation. Little do they know. Get right with Lord Jesus, Repent and follow Him. Then you have nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. And eternal life with Almighty God in all His Glory! Jesus promised! For this, he would be rewarded by becoming a national house hold name and all that comes with it. And so it was. His son, Franklin Graham, is also a Satanist. Franklin Graham recently posed in front of Voodoo Donuts eating penis shaped donuts after the place was exposed as a front for child sex trafficking by a survivor.

The photo may still be online. Ted Gunderson was retired FBI Chief when he accidently came across a multiple murder closed case with the killer in prison. Gunderson was asked to look into the case because it was claimed, the person in prison was innocent and the actual killers were Satanists. It turns out this was correct. To make a long story short, Gunderson found the woman who took part in the grizzly satanic murders, she confessed to it, described the home perfectly with minute details, even down to the candle drippings that were found on the floor throughout.

She had held candle while the slaughters were happening. The powers that be, I forget who they were, you can check it out for yourself, Ted Gunderson gives his testimony online. These are people in power that wanted this crime that was done by satanists covered up. He had never heard of Satanism and suddenly he learned it is throughout the government. As Ted Gunderson got more attention for his work, his character and reputation was assassinated big time. His death has always been considered suspicious. All three victims name the biggest names in government, entertainment, the famous and the rich of the world, including Prince Charles. Brice Taylor gave birth to a baby boy and the baby went to the British Royal Family. Taylor does not know where the Queen placed her son and she begs the Queen to no avail, to let her have her son back.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The Royal Families, along with the popes do human hunting parties throughout Europe and Scotland. The human hunting parties are very young naked children and adolescents that are given a few minutes to run into the forest and hide. They are hunted and when they are found they are raped and murdered. A few, for whatever reason, are not murdered. One hunter would cut off the genitals of the young boys and would hang them on the wall as his trophies. BTW, there is another woman in Europe who was also a victim of the hunting parties, with noblemen, popes, clergy, and people in power.

Her testimony is so horrorbly, shockingly evil, it is a wonder that she has not lost her mind, although you can see she is highly damaged. It is still online. Walt Disney was a Satanist. He signed his name with three sixes. His cartoons and films geared for children have hidden perverted symbols. There are hidden rooms, I believe underground, where they are taken. Be warned, Time has run out, and get right with Lord Jesus before it is too late.

Wake up people. No man is going to save you; no man is going to save America. America is going to burn in judgment. These are the Last Days, believe it! And you thought it meant make America great again. Sure fooled you. And it was so easy. Julian Assange rots in prison, the man who got Trump elected. Assange Wikileaks published HRC emails, and her email scandals destroyed her, and the public outrage got Trump elected by a landslide.

He LIED. Trump LIED. Julian Assange is a true journalist; he did not commit any crimes. He reported information that whistle blowers gave him after said information was vetted. Trump left him to rot. One of the most powerful Satanic families that owns the USA, that owns the Federal Reserve Bank and prints all the worthless paper called money that the USA borrows at massive interest and attempts to pay back; it can never be paid back…and it is worthless paper, when the USA could print its own money…but that is what got JFK assassinated. His beloved daughter, Ivanka, gets around. Oh, and Soros works for the Rothschilds.

Small world. Ivanka and Jarad socialize with Soros…but wait, there is more, Ivanka and Jarad also socialize with Bill Gates…the same Bill Gates that wants to depopulate humanity. When Trump was campaigning, he promised to end abortion, he ran on that…but guess what? And he boasts that he has the support of the gay community. Sounds like a conservative to me…you think? It is called Controlled Opposition. What it is, is a psyop to keep the sheep on the Trump Train. Recall when people posted on Q website, if Q is real, President Trump give us a sign. Trump responded several times by drawing a Q in the air at his speeches. You are deceived. You are under delusion.

It makes things easier. Trump was the pied piper. There were people inside the building handing out bats to people in the crowd, the infiltrators. Are you waking up? It is a game, a deadly game. And if you think Trump had nothing to do with this, there is no hope. Trump is targeted, Trump is going to be indicted…. And he is part of it! Please research the links I posted in my original comment. That is all that matters. See her book, The Trans-Formation of America. Billie Graham was also a 33rd degree Mason, therefore Graham worshipped Satan! Steve I would like to know if Child Protective Services worldwide is being taken down along with family court including the judges.

They are corrupt and evil removing children from loving families to get federal money that is shared among all involved. They have been destroying families for decades. Some children are removed because they really are abused but a low percentage. These are the families they are to help not destroy. Allegation was investigated, I received an official letter from the Dept. CPS still would not allow children to come home or even allow any contact with my precious children. I have been fighting for over two years, some parents are still fighting after 5 years or more. What a torturing heartbreaking life we have to live when CPS can take our precious children and we never know if they are being abused or if they are even still alive. I have read too much on what happens to some of the children.

Thank you for all you do and I look forward to all of these evil deep state monsters get punished. We want our children home. Steve, I say this respectfully, as I believe you sincerely work to get truths out. However, with the subject at hand, you say the List is not pulled directly from Gene. But the fact remains he is a con man, a bold faced liar, and big time deceiver. However, the few truths he does repeat can be found, and even more, exceedingly more, by anyone doing a quick search online as well as books, such as, The Johnson Study. I am not at all refuting that human sacrifice exists. Quite the contrary, I am well informed on that subject. My point was to expose this Gene Dude as the Con Man that he is.

I would not be surprised if he has a serious criminal record. The Octopus, Private European Club of human sacrifices for the entertainment of the rich and famous, set in an opera theater setting with victims lined up on the stage for the horror. All world leaders take part in human sacrifice, raping and torture. All in the USA music industry do the same. The Vatican does human sacrifice. All Royal families do human sacrifice and take part in human hunting parties, the pope joins in as well. All world leaders do human sacrifice. All major entertainers do human sacrifice or take part in the sex slave community. She was actually raped by approximately six USA Presidents. Yes, HRC is a lesbian and a murderess. Child hunting parties by Royal Famililes with the Pope joining takes place in various European Countries.

This is just the tip of the ice berg. He has none. Gene claims HRC has been arrested and executed. He is a liar. Doubles most definitely are used at times for her. I agree with everything you said. As for the list, this was composed from sources found on the dark web and web, before it was removed. He probably pulled it from these other places, as the list was in different places. Who knows what is true, but you are right in what you said about the sacrifices and cia and hrc and all the others. I have a friend who worked in the industry, having access to many stars and he has a lot to tell.

Well after reading some of these comments , there are still many doubters. If you research long enough and dig deep enough you will know that this is true. You will not sleep normal , eat normal , or do anything normally for a long time. The evil is so deep on every level. I ask myself, was I in a coma or brain dead? I saw those kids faces on the milk cartons. My mother and I would just say a prayer and move on with our lives. Who would have thought? In regard to Trump, he admitted on national television that he knows these evil people and what they do because he WAS one of them. He is our President now and yes he did drain the swamp as he promised. All we can really do now is pray and give support where support is needed.

It sure appears to be. I had heard him some time ago when he first emerged and did his first interview on CirstenW Channel. In that first interview I caught him in TWO LIES, perhaps three, not sure, its been a long time, but absolutely and definitely two falsehoods for sure, that he adamantly claimed to be insider news. I KNOW for a fact that he lied. The dude is a phony and a fraud. He is a conman.

Then on his second interview, again on CirstenW, I caught him in another lie. So I know for a fact that he lied three times, possibly four times, cannot remember, but definitely three times, making serious statements revealing so called insider secrets, that were wholly FALSE. Therefore, I would not believe a word from this dude, this fraud. He has repeated this saga over and over again, updating it, bla, bla, bla. Too bad this website promotes this utter nonsense, it is worse than nonsense. It is feeding the uninformed garbage and they just suck it up. It is despicable that people pass on information from this Gene guy, who is a total fraud, as if what he claims is based on fact, as if it was truth, as if it was verified.

It cannot be verified because it is a pack of lies. I never followed Gene or any of them. And yes, I believe the only answer is the people. Anyone waiting around for the government to save them is like waiting for the playground bully to stop beating them. I have read and listen to people say when we have 10 days of blackouts of internet they will be showing all the people that have done crime against humanity in language on the TV we will seeing the cleaning of the devil worshipers. The company had ties in the s to the liberal German People's Party and was accused by the Nazis of being an "international capitalist Jewish company".

Throughout that decade it purged itself of its Jewish employees; the remainder left in The Allies seized the company at the end of the war in [a] and the US authorities put its directors on trial. Held from to as one of the subsequent Nuremberg trials , the IG Farben trial saw 23 IG Farben directors tried for war crimes and 13 convicted. In the University of Frankfurt , housed in the former IG Farben head office , set up a permanent exhibition on campus, the Norbert Wollheim memorial , for the slave labourers and those killed by Zyklon B. At the beginning of the 20th century, the German chemical industry dominated the world market for synthetic dyes.

Weiler-ter Meer, concentrated on high-quality specialty dyes. In these eight firms produced almost 90 percent of the world supply of dyestuffs and sold about 80 percent of their production abroad. Contrary to other industries, the founders and their families had little influence on the top-level decision-making of the leading German chemical firms, which was in the hands of professional salaried managers.

With the world market for synthetic dyes and other chemical products dominated by the German industry, German firms competed vigorously for market shares. Although cartels were attempted, they lasted at most for a few years. Others argued for the formation of a profit pool or Interessen-Gemeinschaft abbr. IG, lit. During a trip to the United States in the spring of , he had visited several of the large American trusts such as Standard Oil , U.

Steel , International Paper and Alcoa. Hoechst and several pharmaceutical firms refused to join. Instead, Hoechst and Cassella made an alliance based on mutual equity stakes in Although there was some cooperation between the technical staff in production and accounting, there was little cooperation between the firms in other areas. Neither were production or distribution facilities consolidated nor did the commercial staff cooperate. As Hoechst, Cassella and Kalle were connected by mutual equity shares and were located close to each other in the Frankfurt area , this allowed them to cooperate more successfully than the Dreibund , although they also did not rationalize or consolidate their production facilities.

Weiler Ter Meer 1. In IG Farben had a market capitalization of 1. Similar mergers took place in other countries. In the company had , employees. IG Farben was controversial on both the far left and far right, partly for the same reasons, related to the size and international nature of the conglomerate and the Jewish background of several of its key leaders and major shareholders. Far-right newspapers of the s and early s accused it of being an "international capitalist Jewish company". The liberal and business-friendly German People's Party was its most pronounced supporter. Not a single member of the management of IG Farben before supported the Nazi Party; four members, or a third, of the IG Farben supervisory board were themselves Jewish.

Throughout the s the company underwent a process of Aryanization , and by Jewish employees had been dismissed and the Jews on the board had resigned. IG Farben's products included synthetic dyes , nitrile rubber , polyurethane , prontosil , and chloroquine. The nerve agent Sarin was first discovered by IG Farben. One product crucial to the operations of the Wehrmacht was synthetic fuel , made from lignite using the coal liquefaction process. IG Farben scientists made fundamental contributions to all areas of chemistry. Otto Bayer discovered the polyaddition for the synthesis of polyurethane in Carl Bosch and Friedrich Bergius were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in "in recognition of their contributions to the invention and development of chemical high pressure methods".

IG Farben has been described as "the most notorious German industrial concern during the Third Reich ". The IG Farben plant's workforce consisted of slave labour from Auschwitz, leased to the company by the SS for a low daily rate. Company executives said after the war that they had not known what was happening inside the camps. According to the historian Peter Hayes , "the killings were an open secret within Farben, and people worked at not reflecting upon what they knew. The minutes of a meeting of the Commercial Committee on 10 September noted:.

It is generally agreed that under no circumstances should anybody be assigned to our agencies abroad who is not a member of the German Labor Front and whose positive attitude towards the new era has not been established beyond any doubt. Gentlemen who are sent abroad should be made to realize that it is their special duty to represent National Socialist Germany. The Sales Combines are also requested to see to it that their agents are adequately supplied with National Socialist literature.

This message was repeated by Wilhelm Rudolf Mann , who chaired a meeting of the Bayer division board of directors on 16 February , and who in an earlier meeting had referred to the "miracle of the birth of the German nation": "The chairman points out our incontestable being in line with the National Socialist attitude in the association of the entire 'Bayer' pharmaceutica and insecticides; beyond that, he requests the heads of the offices abroad to regard it as their self-evident duty to collaborate in a fine and understanding manner with the functionaries of the Party, with the DAF German Workers' Front , et cetera.

Orders to that effect again are to be given to the leading German gentlemen so that there may be no misunderstanding in their execution. By IG Farben was manufacturing products worth three billion marks in facilities in occupied Europe; almost half its workforce of , men and women consisted of slave labour or conscripts, including 30, Auschwitz prisoners. Altogether its annual net profit was around RM 0. Stokes , it manufactured all the synthetic rubber and methanol in Germany, 90 percent of its plastic and "organic intermediates", 84 percent of its explosives, 75 percent of its nitrogen and solvents , around 50 percent of its pharmaceuticals, and around 33 percent of its synthetic fuel.

Staff of the Bayer group at IG Farben conducted medical experiments on concentration-camp inmates at Auschwitz and at the Mauthausen concentration camp. Most of the experiments were conducted in Birkenau in Block 20, the women's camp hospital. The patients were suffering from, and in many cases had been deliberately infected with, typhoid , tuberculosis , diphtheria and other diseases, then were given preparations named Rutenol, Periston, B, B, B, and P According to prisoner-physicians who witnessed the experiments, after being given the drugs the women would experience circulation problems, bloody vomiting, and painful diarrhea "containing fragments of mucus membrane".

Of the 50 typhoid sufferers given , 15 died; 40 of the 75 tuberculosis patients given Rutenol died. For one experiment, which tested an anaesthetic, Bayer had women sent from Auschwitz to its own facility. They paid RM per woman, all of whom died as a result of the research; the camp had asked for RM per person, but Bayer had said that was too high. However, we were unable to obtain conclusive results because they died during the experiments. We would kindly request that you send us another group of women to the same number and at the same price. Between and a cyanide -based pesticide, Zyklon B , was used to kill over one million people, mostly Jews, in gas chambers in Europe, including in the Auschwitz II and Majdanek extermination camps in German-occupied Poland.

The idea was that the inmates would be shaved and showered while their clothes were being fumigated. Peter Hayes compiled the following table showing the increase in Zyklon B ordered by Auschwitz figures with an asterisk are incomplete. One ton of Zyklon B was enough to kill around , people. Several IG Farben executives said after the war that they did not know about the gassings, despite the increase in sales of Zyklon B to Auschwitz.

IG Farben owned Peter Hayes writes that the board did not meet after , and that although Mann "continued to review the monthly sales figures for Degesch, he could not necessarily have inferred from them the uses to which the Auschwitz camp was putting the product". Other IG Farben staff appear to have known. Ernst Struss, secretary of the IG Farben's managing board, testified after the war that the company's chief engineer at Auschwitz had told him about the gassings. Hayes writes that the inmates of Auschwitz III, which supplied the slave labour for IG Farben, were well aware of the gas chambers, in part because of the stench from the Auschwitz II crematoria, and in part because IG Farben supervisors in the camp spoke about the gassings, including using the threat of them to make the inmates work harder.

The population at Auschwitz was fully aware that people were being gassed and burned. On one occasion they complained about the stench of the burning bodies. Of course all of the Farben people knew what was going on. Nobody could live in Auschwitz and work in the plant, or even come down to the plant, without knowing what was common knowledge to everybody. The judges ruled that the prosecution had not shown that the defendants or executive board "had any persuasive influence on the management policies of Degesch or any significant knowledge as to the uses to which its production was being put".

The company destroyed most of its records as it became clear that Germany was losing the war. In September Fritz ter Meer , a member of IG Farben's supervisory board and future chair of Bayer's board of directors, and Ernst Struss, secretary of the company's managing board, are said to have made plans to destroy company files in Frankfurt in the event of an American invasion. The Americans seized the company's property under "General Order No. The French followed suit in the areas they controlled. Farbenindustrie and the Control Thereof", formalized the seizure for "knowingly and prominently In the Western occupation zone, the idea of destroying the company was abandoned as the policy of denazification evolved, [10] in part because of a need for industry to support reconstruction, and in part because of the company's entanglement with American companies, notably the successors of Standard Oil.

In the company was split into its original constituent companies. The four largest quickly bought the smaller ones. Farbenindustrie AG in Liquidation. In the American government put IG Farben's directors on trial. The United States of America vs. Carl Krauch, et al. There were five counts against the IG Farben directors:. Of the 24 defendants arraigned , one fell ill and his case was discontinued. The indictment was filed on 3 May ; the trial lasted from 27 August until 30 July Hebert , and Clarence F. Merrell as an alternate judge. Telford Taylor was the chief counsel for the prosecution. Thirteen defendants were found guilty, [68] with sentences ranging from 18 months to eight years.

All defendants who were sentenced to prison received early release. Most were quickly restored to their directorships and other positions in post-war companies, and some were awarded the Federal Cross of Merit. Two years earlier, another part of Hoechst was sold in to the chemical spin-off of Sandoz, the Muttenz Switzerland based Clariant. According to historian Yuki Tanaka: "cannibalism was often a systematic activity which was conducted by whole squads which were under the command of officers. I saw this from behind a tree and watched some of the Japanese cut flesh from his arms, legs, hips, buttocks and carry it off to their quarters They cut it [into] small pieces and fried it. I personally saw this happen and about prisoners were eaten at this place by the Japanese.

The remainder of us were taken to another spot 50 miles [80 km] away where 10 prisoners died of sickness. At this place, the Japanese again started selecting prisoners to eat. Those selected were taken to a hut where their flesh was cut from their bodies while they were alive and they were thrown into a ditch where they later died. At the village of Suaid, a Japanese medical officer periodically visited the Indian compound and selected each time the healthiest men. These men were taken away ostensibly for carrying out duties, but they never reappeared. Perhaps the most senior officer convicted of cannibalism was Lt Gen. Navy airmen, and the cannibalism of at least one of them, during August , on Chichi Jima , in the Bonin Islands.

The airmen were beheaded on Tachibana's orders. Because military and international law did not specifically deal with cannibalism, they were tried for murder and "prevention of honorable burial". Tachibana was sentenced to death, and hanged. Deaths caused by the diversion of resources to Japanese troops in occupied countries are also considered war crimes by many people. Library of Congress estimates that in Java the Japanese military forced between four and ten million romusha Japanese: "manual laborers" to work. According to historian Akira Fujiwara, Emperor Hirohito personally ratified the decision to remove the constraints of international law The Hague Conventions on the treatment of Chinese prisoners of war in the directive of 5 August This notification also advised staff officers to stop using the term "prisoners of war".

Japan was not a signatory to the Geneva Convention on the Prisoners of War at the time, and Japanese forces did not follow the convention, although they ratified the Geneva Convention on the Sick And Wounded. In , historian Yoshiaki Yoshimi published material based on his research in archives at Japan's National Institute for Defense Studies. When Yoshimi's findings were published in the Japanese news media on 12 January , they caused a sensation and forced the government, represented by Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Koichi , to acknowledge some of the facts that same day.

On 17 January, Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa presented formal apologies for the suffering of the victims, during a trip in South Korea. On 6 July and 4 August, the Japanese government issued two statements by which it recognised that "Comfort stations were operated in response to the request of the military of the day", "The Japanese military was, directly or indirectly, involved in the establishment and management of the comfort stations and the transfer of comfort women" and that the women were "recruited in many cases against their own will through coaxing and coercion".

House of Representatives committee would call on the Japanese Government to "apologize for and acknowledge" the role of the Japanese Imperial military in wartime sex slavery. Abe denied that it applied to comfort stations. For example, a New York Times editorial on 6 March said: []. These were not commercial brothels. Force, explicit and implicit, was used in recruiting these women. What went on in them was serial rape, not prostitution. The Japanese Army's involvement is documented in the government's own defense files. A senior Tokyo official more or less apologized for this horrific crime in Yesterday, he grudgingly acknowledged the quasi apology, but only as part of a pre-emptive declaration that his government would reject the call, now pending in the United States Congress, for an official apology.

America isn't the only country interested in seeing Japan belatedly accept full responsibility. Korea, China, and the Philippines are also infuriated by years of Japanese equivocations over the issue. The same day, veteran soldier Yasuji Kaneko admitted to The Washington Post that the women "cried out, but it didn't matter to us whether the women lived or died. We were the emperor's soldiers. Whether in military brothels or in the villages, we raped without reluctance. The Bahay na Pula in the Philippines, was an example of a military-operated garrison where local women were raped. On 17 April , Yoshimi and another historian, Hirofumi Hayashi, announced the discovery, in the archives of the Tokyo Trials, of seven official documents suggesting that Imperial military forces, such as the Tokkeitai naval secret police , directly coerced women to work in frontline brothels in China, Indochina and Indonesia.

These documents were initially made public at the war crimes trial. In one of these, a lieutenant is quoted as confessing having organized a brothel and having used it himself. Another source refers to Tokkeitai members having arrested women on the streets, and after enforced medical examinations, putting them in brothels. On 12 May , journalist Taichiro Kaijimura announced the discovery of 30 Netherland government documents submitted to the Tokyo tribunal as evidence of a forced massed prostitution incident in in Magelang.

In other cases, some victims from East Timor testified they were dragged from their homes and forced into prostitution at military brothels even when they were not old enough to have started menstruating and were repeatedly raped by Japanese soldiers "Night after Night". Ruff O'Herne said that she had been raped "day and night" for three months by Japanese soldiers when she was There are different theories on the breakdown of the comfort women's place of origin.

While some Japanese sources claim that the majority of the women were from Japan, others, including Yoshimi, argue as many as , women, [] [] mostly from Korea, and some other countries such as China, Philippines, Burma, the Dutch East Indies, Netherlands, [] and Australia [] were forced to engage in sexual activity. On 26 June , the United States House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee passed a resolution asking that Japan "should acknowledge, apologize and accept historical responsibility in a clear and unequivocal manner for its military's coercion of women into sexual slavery during the war".

Several scholars have claimed that the Japanese government along with Japanese military personnel engaged in widespread looting during the period of to In China, an eyewitness, journalist F. Tillman of The New York Times , sent an article to his newspaper where he described the Imperial Japanese Army 's entry into Nanjing in December "the plunder carried out by the Japanese reached almost the entire city. Almost all buildings were entered by Japanese soldiers, often in the sight of their officers, and the men took whatever they wanted. Japanese soldiers often forced Chinese to carry the loot. In Korea, it is estimated that about , priceless artifacts and cultural goods were looted by Japanese colonial authorities and private collectors during the nearly fifty years of military occupation.

The Administration claims that there are 41, cultural objects which are located in Japan but remain unreported by the Japanese authorities. Unlike the works of art looted by Nazis in Europe, the return of property to its rightful owners or even the discussion of financial reparations in the post-war period, met with strong resistance from the American government , particularly General Douglas MacArthur. According to several historians, MacArthur's disagreement was not based on issues of rights, ethics or morals, but on political convenience. He spoke on the topic in a radio message to the U. Army in May , the transcript of which was found by the magazine Time in the U.

National Archives. In it MacArthur states: "I am completely at odds with the minority view of replacing lost or destroyed cultural property as a result of military action and occupation". With the advent of Cold War , the general feared "embittering the Japanese people towards us and making Japan vulnerable to ideological pressures and a fertile ground for subversive action". Kyoichi Arimitsu, one of the last living survivors of the Japanese archeological missions which operated on the Korean peninsula, which started early in the twentieth century, agrees that the plunder in the s was out of control, but that researchers and academics , such as him, had nothing to do with it.

However, he recognizes that the excavated pieces which were deemed to be most historically significant were sent to the Japanese governor-general, who then decided what would be sent to Emperor Hirohito. In , Japan and South Korea negotiated a treaty to reestablish diplomatic relations and the issue of returning the cultural artifacts was raised. However, the then South Korean dictator, Park Chung-hee , preferred to receive cash compensation that would allow him to build highways and steelworks ; works of art and cultural goods were not a priority. As a result, at the time the Koreans had to settle for the return of only 1, items, including rare books and ceramic pieces. The Japanese claim that this put an end to any Korean claim regarding reparation for cultural goods or of any other nature.

Throughout the Pacific War, Japanese soldiers often feigned injury or surrender to lure the approaching American forces before attacking them. One of the most famous examples of this was the "Goettge Patrol" during the early days of the Guadalcanal Campaign in August After the patrol saw a white flag displayed on the west bank of Matanikau River , Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Frank Goettge assembled 25 men, primarily consisting of intelligence personnel, to search the area. Unknown to the patrol, the white flag was actually a Japanese flag with the Hinomaru disc insignia obscured. A Japanese prisoner earlier deliberately tricked the Marines into an ambush by telling them that there were a number of Japanese soldiers west of the Matanikau River who wanted to surrender.

Soon after the patrol landed, a group of Japanese naval troops ambushed and almost completely wiped out the patrol. Goettge was among the dead. Only three Americans made it back to American lines in the Lunga Point perimeter alive. News of the killing and treachery by the Japanese outraged the American Marines:. This was the first mass killing of the Marines on Guadalcanal.

We were shocked. The loss of this patrol and the particularly cruel way in which they had met death, hardened our hearts toward the Japanese. The idea of taking prisoners was swept from our minds. It was too dangerous. Second Lieutenant D. Clark of the 7th Marines told a similar story while patrolling Guadalcanal:. I was on my first patrol here, and we were moving up a dry stream bed. We saw 3 Japs come down the river bed out of the jungle. The one in front was carrying a white flag.

We thought they were surrendering. When they got up to us they dropped the white flag and then all 3 threw hand grenades. We killed 2 of these Japs, but 1 got away. Apparently they do not mind a sacrifice to get information. There were innumerable incidents such as a wounded Japanese soldier at Guadalcanal seizing a scalpel and burying it in the back of a surgeon who was about to save his life by an operation; and a survivor of the Battle of Vella Lavella , rescued by PT, pulling a gun and killing a bluejacket in the act of giving a Japanese sailor a cup of coffee.

A PT is a patrol torpedo boat and a bluejacket is an enlisted sailor. These incidents, along with many other perfidious actions of the Japanese throughout the Pacific War, led to an American tendency to shoot the dead or wounded Japanese soldiers and those who were attempting to surrender and not take them as prisoners of war easily. Two Marines of Iwo Jima told cautionary tales. One confided:. They always told you take prisoners but we had some bad experiences on Saipan taking prisoners, you take them and then as soon as they get behind the lines they drop grenades and you lose a few more people. You get a little bit leery of taking prisoners when they are fighting to the death and so are you. Hospital ships are painted white with large red crosses to show they are not combat ships, but ships with wounded and medical staff.

Japan had signed the Hague Convention X of that stated attacking a hospital ship is a war crime. Soon after the war, the Allied powers indicted 25 persons as Class-A war criminals , and 5, persons were indicted as Class-B or Class-C war criminals by Allied criminal trials. Of these, were initially condemned to death, were actually executed, received life sentences, 2, received some prison terms, 1, were acquitted, and were not sentenced or not brought to trial.

These numbers included ethnic Taiwanese and ethnic Koreans. Other courts were formed in many different places in Asia and the Pacific. Many military leaders were also convicted. Two people convicted as Class-A war criminals later served as ministers in post-war Japanese governments. Hirohito and all members of the imperial family implicated in the war such as Prince Chichibu , Prince Asaka , Prince Takeda and Prince Higashikuni were exonerated from criminal prosecutions by MacArthur, with the help of Bonner Fellers who allowed the major criminal suspects to coordinate their stories so that the Emperor would be spared from indictment. According to John Dower, "with the full support of MacArthur 's headquarters, the prosecution functioned, in effect, as a defense team for the emperor" [] and even Japanese activists who endorse the ideals of the Nuremberg and Tokyo charters, and who have labored to document and publicize the atrocities of the Showa regime "cannot defend the American decision to exonerate the emperor of war responsibility and then, in the chill of the Cold War , release and soon afterwards openly embrace accused right-winged war criminals like the later prime minister Nobusuke Kishi.

In a cable sent to General Dwight Eisenhower in February , MacArthur said executing or imprisoning the emperor would require the use of one million occupation soldiers to keep the peace. Some 5, Japanese personnel were prosecuted in more than 2, trials outside Japan. Class B defendants were accused of having committed such crimes themselves; class C defendants, mostly senior officers, were accused of planning, ordering or failing to prevent them. Additionally, the Chinese Communists also held a number of trials for Japanese personnel. More than 4, Japanese personnel were convicted and about 1, were sentenced to death. The largest single trial was that of 93 Japanese personnel charged with the summary execution of more than Allied POWs, in the Laha massacre The most prominent ethnic Korean convicted was Lieutenant General Hong Sa Ik , who orchestrated the organisation of prisoner of war camps in Southeast Asia.

In , the South Korean government "pardoned" 83 of the convicted Korean war criminals. In , after most Allied war crimes trials had ended, thousands of convicted war criminals sat in prisons across Asia and across Europe, detained in the countries where they were convicted. Some executions were still outstanding as many Allied courts agreed to reexamine their verdicts, reducing sentences in some cases and instituting a system of parole, but without relinquishing control over the fate of the imprisoned even after Japan and Germany had regained their status as sovereign countries. On 7 March , MacArthur issued a directive that reduced the sentences by one-third for good behavior and authorized the parole of those who had received life sentences after fifteen years.

Several of those who were imprisoned were released earlier on parole due to ill-health. The Japanese popular reaction to the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal found expression in demands for the mitigation of the sentences of war criminals and agitation for parole. Shortly after the San Francisco Peace Treaty came into effect in April , a movement demanding the release of B- and C-class war criminals began, emphasizing the "unfairness of the war crimes tribunals" and the "misery and hardship of the families of war criminals". The movement quickly garnered the support of more than ten million Japanese.

In the face of this surge of public opinion, the government commented that "public sentiment in our country is that the war criminals are not criminals. Rather, they gather great sympathy as victims of the war, and the number of people concerned about the war crimes tribunal system itself is steadily increasing. The parole-for-war-criminals movement was driven by two groups: those from outside who had "a sense of pity" for the prisoners; and the war criminals themselves who called for their own release as part of an anti-war peace movement.

The movement that arose out of "a sense of pity" demanded "just set them free tonikaku shakuho o regardless of how it is done". On 4 September , President Truman issued Executive Order , establishing a Clemency and Parole Board for War Criminals to advise the President with respect to recommendations by the Government of Japan for clemency, reduction of sentence, or parole, with respect to sentences imposed on Japanese war criminals by military tribunals. On 26 May , Secretary of State John Foster Dulles rejected a proposed amnesty for the imprisoned war criminals but instead agreed to "change the ground rules" by reducing the period required for eligibility for parole from 15 years to By the end of , all Japanese war criminals, including A-, B- and C-class were released from prison and politically rehabilitated.

On 7 April , the Japanese government announced that, with the concurrence of a majority of the powers represented on the tribunal, the last ten major Japanese war criminals who had previously been paroled were granted clemency and were to be regarded henceforth as unconditionally free from the terms of their parole. The Japanese government considers that the legal and moral positions in regard to war crimes are separate. Therefore, while maintaining that Japan violated no international law or treaties, Japanese governments have officially recognised the suffering which the Japanese military caused, and numerous apologies have been issued by the Japanese government.

For example, Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama , in August , stated that Japan "through its colonial rule and aggression, caused tremendous damage and suffering to the people of many countries, particularly to those of Asian nations", and he expressed his "feelings of deep remorse" and stated his "heartfelt apology". Also, on 29 September , Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka stated: "[t]he Japanese side is keenly conscious of the responsibility for the serious damage that Japan caused in the past to the Chinese people through war, and deeply reproaches itself.

The official apologies are widely viewed as inadequate or only a symbolic exchange by many of the survivors of such crimes or the families of dead victims. In October , while Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed an apology for the damage caused by its colonial rule and aggression, more than 80 Japanese lawmakers from his ruling party LDP paid visits to the Yasukuni Shrine.

Many people aggrieved by Japanese war crimes also maintain that no apology has been issued for particular acts or that the Japanese government has merely expressed "regret" or "remorse". He stated, "The fact is, there is no evidence to prove there was coercion. On 31 October , the chief of staff of Japan's Air Self-Defense Force Toshio Tamogami was dismissed with a 60 million yen allowance [] due to an essay he published, arguing that Japan was not an aggressor during World War II , that the war brought prosperity to China, Taiwan and Korea, that the Imperial Japanese Army 's conduct was not violent and that the Greater East Asia War is viewed in a positive way by many Asian countries and criticizing the war crimes trials which followed the war.

Some in Japan have asserted that what is being demanded is that the Japanese Prime Minister or the Emperor perform dogeza , in which an individual kneels and bows his head to the ground—a high form of apology in East Asian societies that Japan appears unwilling to do. Okada said: "You have all been through hardships during World War II, being taken prisoner by the Japanese military, and suffered extremely inhumane treatment. On behalf of the Japanese government and as the foreign minister, I would like to offer you my heartfelt apology. The Japanese government, while admitting no legal responsibility for the so-called "comfort women", set up the Asian Women's Fund in , which gives money to people who claim to have been forced into prostitution during the war.

Though the organisation was established by the government, legally, it has been created such that it is an independent charity. The activities of the fund have been controversial in Japan, as well as with international organisations supporting the women concerned. California Congressman Mike Honda , speaking before U. House of Representatives on behalf of the women, said that "without a sincere and unequivocal apology from the government of Japan, the majority of surviving Comfort Women refused to accept these funds.

In fact, as you will hear today, many Comfort Women returned the Prime Minister's letter of apology accompanying the monetary compensation, saying they felt the apology was artificial and disingenuous. The term "intermediate compensation" or intermediary compensation was applied to the removal and reallocation of Japanese industrial particularly military-industrial assets to Allied countries. It was conducted under the supervision of Allied occupation forces. This reallocation was referred to as "intermediate" because it did not amount to a final settlement by means of bilateral treaties, which settled all existing issues of compensation.

The proportions in which the assets were distributed were: China, Japanese overseas assets refers to all assets which were owned by the Japanese government, firms, organizations and private citizens, in colonized or occupied countries. In accordance with Clause 14 of the San Francisco Treaty, Allied forces confiscated all Japanese overseas assets, except those in China, which were dealt with under Clause Clause 16 of the San Francisco Treaty stated that Japan would transfer its assets and those of its citizens in countries which were at war with any of the Allied Powers or which were neutral, or equivalents, to the Red Cross , which would sell them and distribute the funds to former prisoners of war and their families.

According to historian Linda Goetz Holmes, many funds used by the government of Japan were not Japanese funds but relief funds contributed by the governments of the US, the UK and the Netherlands and sequestred in the Yokohama Specie Bank during the final year of the war. Clause 14 of the treaty stated that Japan would enter into negotiations with Allied powers whose territories were occupied by Japan and suffered damage by Japanese forces, with a view to Japan compensating those countries for the damage. Accordingly, the Philippines and South Vietnam received compensation in and respectively. Burma and Indonesia were not original signatories, but they later signed bilateral treaties in accordance with clause 14 of the San Francisco Treaty.

The last payment was made to the Philippines on 22 July Until the s, Japanese war crimes were considered a fringe topic in the media. In the Japanese media, the opinions of the political centre and left tend to dominate the editorials of newspapers, while the right tend to dominate magazines. Debates regarding war crimes were confined largely to the editorials of tabloid magazines where calls for the overthrow of " Imperialist America " and revived veneration of the Emperor coexisted with pornography.

In , to commemorate the normalisation of relationship with China, Asahi Shimbun , a major liberal newspaper, ran a series on Japanese war crimes in China including the Nanjing massacre. This opened the floodgates to debates which have continued ever since. The s are generally considered to be the period in which such issues become truly mainstream, and incidents such as the Nanking Massacre, Yasukuni Shrine , comfort women, the accuracy of school history textbooks , and the validity of the Tokyo Trials were debated, even on television. As the consensus of Japanese jurists is that Japanese forces did not technically commit violations of international law, many right wing elements in Japan have taken this to mean that war crimes trials were examples of victor's justice.

This interpretation is vigorously contested by Japanese peace groups and the political left. In the past, these groups have tended to argue that the trials hold some validity, either under the Geneva Convention even though Japan hadn't signed it , or under an undefined concept of international law or consensus. Alternatively, they have argued that, although the trials may not have been technically valid , they were still just , somewhat in line with popular opinion in the West and in the rest of Asia.

By the early 21st century, the revived interest in Japan's imperial past had brought new interpretations from a group which has been labelled both "new right" and "new left". This group points out that many acts committed by Japanese forces, including the Nanjing Incident, were violations of the Japanese military code. It is suggested that had war crimes tribunals been conducted by the post-war Japanese government, in strict accordance with Japanese military law, many of those who were accused would still have been convicted and executed.

Therefore, the moral and legal failures in question were the fault of the Japanese military and the government, for not executing their constitutionally defined duty. They also take the view that many Chinese civilian casualties resulted from the scorched earth tactics of the Chinese nationalists. Similarly, they take the position that those who have attempted to sue the Japanese government for compensation have no legal or moral case. The new right and new left also take a less sympathetic view of Korean claims of victimhood, because prior to annexation by Japan, Korea was a tributary of the Qing dynasty and, according to them, the Japanese colonisation, though undoubtedly harsh, was "better" than the previous rule in terms of human rights and economic development.

Moreover, at that time, it was the official policy of the Japanese high command to confine the conflict to Manchuria. The Japanese government not only failed to court martial the officers responsible for these incidents, but it also accepted the war against China, and many of those who were involved were even promoted. Some of the officers involved in the Nanking Massacre were also promoted. Whether or not Hirohito himself bears any responsibility for such failures is a sticking point between the new right and new left.

Officially, the imperial constitution, adopted under Emperor Meiji , gave full powers to the Emperor. Article 4 prescribed that "The Emperor is the head of the Empire, combining in Himself the rights of sovereignty, and exercises them, according to the provisions of the present Constitution" and article 11 prescribed that "The Emperor has the supreme command of the Army and the Navy". For historian Akira Fujiwara, the thesis that the emperor as an organ of responsibility could not reverse cabinet decisions is a myth shinwa fabricated after the war.

According to this position, the moral and political failure rests primarily with the Japanese High Command and the Cabinet, most of whom were later convicted at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal as class-A war criminals, absolving all members of the imperial family such as Prince Chichibu , Prince Yasuhiko Asaka , Prince Higashikuni , Prince Hiroyasu Fushimi and Prince Takeda. The denial of Japanese war crimes is one of the key missions of the openly negationist lobby Nippon Kaigi Japan Conference , a nationalistic nonparty organisation that was established in and also advocates patriotic education, the revision of the constitution, and official visits to Yasukuni Shrine.

As with investigations of Nazi war criminals, official investigations and inquiries are still ongoing. With the wealth they had amassed during the years of collaboration, they were able to further benefit their families by obtaining higher education for their relatives. Further evidence has been discovered as a result of these investigations.

It has been claimed that the Japanese government intentionally destroyed the reports on Korean comfort women. For example, one of the names on the list was of a comfort woman who stated she was forced to be a prostitute by the Japanese. She was classified as a nurse along with at least a dozen other verified comfort women who were not nurses or secretaries. Currently, the South Korean government is looking into the hundreds of other names on these lists. In , it was alleged in an article published in the Japan Times newspaper by Jason Coskrey that the British government covered up a Japanese massacre of British and Dutch POWs to avoid straining the recently re-opened relationship with Japan, along with their belief that Japan needed to be a post-war bulwark against the spread of communism.

Tamaki Matsuoka 's documentary Torn Memories of Nanjing includes interviews with Japanese veterans who admit to raping and killing Chinese civilians. Potentially in contrast to Prime Minister Abe's example of his Yasukuni Shrine visits, by February , some concern within the Imperial House of Japan — which normally does not issue such statements — over the issue was voiced by then- Crown Prince Naruhito , [] who succeeded his father on 1 May Naruhito stated on his 55th birthday 23 February that it was "important to look back on the past humbly and correctly", in reference to Japan's role in World War II-era war crimes, and that he was concerned about the ongoing need to "correctly pass down tragic experiences and the history behind Japan to the generations who have no direct knowledge of the war, at the time memories of the war are about to fade".

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