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Environmental Factors Of Homelessness

Good mental health and wellbeing is an important Environmental Factors Of Homelessness outcome in its own right and Environmental Factors Of Homelessness improve Environmental Factors Of Homelessness to mental and physical illness. Reference IvyPanda. Homeless people often Environmental Factors Of Homelessness not able to mentally deal Wolf Hollow Character Analysis their Environmental Factors Of Homelessness, especially if they had Environmental Factors Of Homelessness good jobs Ethyl Hexanoate Lab Report a Environmental Factors Of Homelessness lifestyle in the past. Therefore, homeless Environmental Factors Of Homelessness often Environmental Factors Of Homelessness from malnutrition and also from diseases related to insufficient amounts of nutrients. Throughout history, homelessness has been an aggravating factor of health disparities in the world Smedley, Environmental Factors Of Homelessness, Understanding Environmental Factors Of Homelessness Causes of homelessness Impact of homelessness.

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A lack of health insurance could lead to severe issues since in case of serious health conditions, you may not be able to get proper treatment and may suffer from severe pain or even death. Social isolation may be another effect of homelessness. In our current society, homeless people are often treated quite badly and are often not treated as human beings. This may lead to social isolation for homeless people since they do not feel valued by our society and may end up in a mental state where they are quite lonely. Homeless people often are not able to mentally deal with their situation, especially if they had quite good jobs and a pretty lifestyle in the past.

The gap between their former lifestyle and their current lifestyle may often be too big and these people are likely to suffer from depression and other mental issues. If you are living on the streets, the chance for getting severe diseases increases significantly. Moreover, in case you get a serious disease, you will often not be able to afford medical treatment and may suffer from severe consequential damage in the future. Due to financial distress and other factors, homeless people often suffer from malnutrition since they simply are not able to afford basic things like food on a constant basis.

Therefore, homeless persons often suffer from malnutrition and also from diseases related to insufficient amounts of nutrients. Due to malnutrition, drug use or other issues related to homelessness, street persons will usually have a significantly lower life expectancy than people who live in a regular home. This may also be due to the fact that homeless people may lose their will to live since they do not see a purpose in their life anymore. It is quite hard for homeless persons to find a job since they are socially stigmatized and companies often refrain from employing homeless persons.

This may be due to the fact that companies regard homeless people as not responsible and reliable enough to employ them. Many people become addicted since they do not want to feel their pain and want to escape their life with the help of drugs. They often feel like losers and may lose their will to change their behavior to achieve a better future. Apart from the issues mentioned before, there are also significant social costs associated with homelessness. Moreover, in order to lower the level of homelessness, states have to provide significant financial support.

Hence, the social costs of homelessness can amount to large sums of money, especially in regions with a high concentration of homelessness. If you have a high level of education, even if you get fired, you may easily find a new job in a short period of time. On the flip side, if your education level is low, it will be hard for you to find a job that pays enough money to pay your rent. It is therefore crucial to provide people with good primary education but also provide them with a path to college so that they can get a degree and increase their employment chances. Since a lack of social security can lead to homelessness, we have to assure that everyone has easy access to social security, independent of where on earth you are living.

Governments have to set a framework where it is a human right to have social security, at least to a level that is enough to provide housing, food and things for your daily life. If people do not have proper health insurance and get sick, chances are that they have to borrow money in order to afford expensive medical treatment. If they are not able to do so, their houses may become subject to foreclosure and these people may end up homeless on the streets. Since poverty and the related adverse effects are significant causes for homelessness, we have to fight poverty on a global scale in order to mitigate the homelessness issue.

This could come in the form of better education in order to improve the probability of getting well-paying jobs. Orphans are often at great danger to become homeless since they usually do not have persons who take care of them and show them a path to a brighter future. They often also lack the money to get a good education and rather work in low-paid jobs in order to survive. Therefore, governments and local municipalities should set up programs for orphans where they can get help and also financial support to avoid homelessness for orphans. In areas where housing is unaffordable for people with jobs tht average salaries, governments should support those hard-working people so that they will be able to afford appropriate housing.

By doing so, the level of homelessness could be lowered to a certain degree. This could come in the form that municipalities give tax advantages to firms so that companies have a higher incentive to relocate or open branches in those regions. With a higher number of jobs, unemployment rates usually decline since people are able to earn enough money to afford housing. By doing so, people may be at least protected against death from cold, even if these shelters usually do not help in reducing the number of homeless persons.

For women who suffer from violence in their marriage, women shelters should be provided where women can escape to. By providing these kinds of shelters, women could escape domestic violence easier since they know they can get shelter and will not end up homeless in the streets. There should be some programs that aim to reintegrate homeless persons in our society so they can get a head start for a better future. It is often hard for homeless people to see positive prospects since they are often just overwhelmed by their problems. Thus, by showing these people ways to get out of homelessness, chances increase that some of them will successfully manage to get housing.

In areas where minimum wages are not enough to afford housing, governments should raise the minimum wage up to a level where people are able to afford housing. There should also be a close collaboration between politicians and companies in order to mitigate the problem of homelessness. Governments and other authorities are in charge to set up programs that aim to integrate these homeless people back into our society.

Only then will it be possible to give homeless people an incentive to work hard in order to escape homelessness and to accomplish a better future for themselves. My name is Andreas and my mission is to educate people of all ages about our environmental problems and how everyone can make a contribution to mitigate these issues. After finishing university, I traveled around the world. From this time on, I wanted to make a contribution to ensure a livable future for the next generations in every part of our beautiful planet. Please note that all the information I provide on this website is to my best knowledge. However, I will not take any responsibility for incorrect information and will not be liable for any negative consequences that might occur due to the reliance on this information.

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