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Essay On Child Safety

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Essay on 'Children's safety'in English/also for speeches/with explanation/main points

For example, if we go to any suburban hotel in any part of our country, we are sure to spot at least one helper or cleaner being a guy under the age of Rules are made to prevent child labour acts. But the correct implementation of these rules is far from reality. There is no check in place. There are no officials who would check if these rules are strictly enforced. So in India, the situation is more likely that rules and laws made are only for purposes of printing on paper and not beyond that.

The correct implementation of these rules would come to light when people start thinking about the children they have employed. If we take our car to a service centre, we can find a whole lot of boys doing service work for the cars, cleaning them up, checking up the parts of the vehicles, etc. The cheap labour these small guys are entitled to works as a double whammy for both the employer as well as the working guys. The employer makes a profit by employing small guys at cheap rates. Guys whose families are stooped in misery and financial breakdowns are forced to go to work for making an earning to run the family.

Poverty and financial imbalances in society are therefore, trouble creators and their effects are seen directly on children. Free and fair education to all citizens of India in the age group of 6 to Education for children in this bracket is declared compulsory too. This is mentioned in the fundamental rights and directives of state policy. Child labour Prohibition and regulation act was formed in to protect children against working in factories under the age group of Persons found to be employing such children will be imprisoned for 3 months extendable up to a year and a fine imposed for INR 20, These are just some of the rules and regulations present in India to protect children against child labour.

But the issue is about the effective implementation of these acts and ordinances which has not taken place as yet. If there were strict enforcement, children would not be employed so easily in various work forces. People do not tend to the rules with fear, they know very well about the lenient nature of these regulations. Hence, approval or disapproval of these entitlements do not come into the picture in most of the cases. India is plagued by many social evils that bring a very bad picture to the nation and people belonging to the country.

Due to a certain section of the population that involves children in such activities, the entire society faces threat from becoming part of illegal activities. Since long, there have always been cases of child labour thronging the country and have been a very bad impact on the society. It is high time we look into these aspects with deeper perspectives and set our thinking forces into action. Child labour is a practice where children engage in economic activities on a full time basis. The practice deprives children of their childhood and is harmful to their physical and mental development.

The constitution of India, in its fundamental rights and Directive principles of state policy prohibits child labour below the age of 14 years. Source Wikipedia. Young children are enrolled in many business activities, house hold activities or forced to work in industries, totally ruining their future. At a time when they should be attending school and play with other children, they are being enrolled in activities that deprive them of the very essence of childhood.

In such cases, they use children for illicit activities such a drug trafficking, exposing them to much hazardous work that is likely to harm the health, safety and morals of children. It has been noticed that many industries such as coal mines and others that prepare chemicals like silicon, aluminum etc. This turns out to be even worse for the children as they end up suffering non curable disease and contract infections that may sometimes prove fatal also. Today, we find many people openly involving people in child labour activities and being proud of it as they are not afraid of lawmakers and are quite happy about doing so.

There are several reasons behind the causes of child labour and over population being one of the biggest and major factors. Other possible causes could be poverty, lack of social security, lack of proper education or no education, no visible alternative measures to make a livelihood. Worst of all, the high prevalence of low income groups in a developing economy like India where rigid labour laws and numerous strict regulations are rampant make it even easier for the growth of child labour in the organized sector.

The population of India has been growing at an alarming stage and will soon cross China , which is currently holding the top position in terms of most populous country of the world. In such a scenario where an underprivileged family has a minimum of three to four children, there is not much scope for people to earn well. Children who belong to the poorer sections are forced to help their parents and siblings financially for their livelihood.

In developing countries unemployment is a major problem and on account of this, they cannot afford even the basic of facilities like food, shelter, clothes etc. Children can be found employed in mines and industries, apart from other skilled areas like artisan jobs, etc. They have to work to make a livelihood out of it and to generate income for their family. People who belong to the underprivileged sections of society tend to believe that the more number of off springs they produce, the more the working hands they receive to fulfill their daily needs. In an educated society, the scenario is quite different. People understand the importance of attending school and the primary reason for getting employed in government jobs or in other good firms and MNCs.

On the other, illiterates undermine the value of education and do not realize the importance of going to school and further seek employment in a government job or in other good positions. To see their children come out in flying colors in the future, they do not have big dreams or aspirations, hence they are limited to their own cringing world. Being unemployed are one of the major issues in India, one of the major reasons being early marriage and also contributing to the factor of overpopulation. It is practically impossible to create jobs or offer employment opportunities to all citizens of the country. On account of this, children are forced to help parents for their income and seek out on child labour. For providing quality education , parents have to spend more money to get their children enrolled in good schools.

The Government of India has provided right to education to every child of India till the child reaches the fifth grade in school. Government schools offer education at low and affordable rates to make education reach every child, so that child labour can be handled till a certain level and to avoid them in indulging in any economic activities. These factors are depriving them from their basic compulsory education. Letting children to get involved in age inappropriate activities leads to many bad influences on the child. Some children suffer a bad childhood because their parents create a hostile environment for them, some others are unprivileged because they cannot afford good education and a basic livelihood, and some curse their own being as they are handicapped off their very existence by a section of anti-social elements in the country.

Life does not offer a smooth ride at every stage. Child labour, as a deadly evil, deprives children of a quality childhood as children engage themselves in hazardous work areas like mines and industries for their livelihood and to generate income for their family. If children start working at such an early age they can in no way enjoy their childhood or have pleasant memories of a good childhood. Working in mines and factories can lead to serious respiratory problems and can become lifelong victims of such dreaded diseases. If children work in the mines and industries for their livelihood and to help their parents and siblings for generating money, they obviously cannot go to school for their education.

Education can help them to be self dependent and walk on their own feet in the society. Sadly, if we are not educated and are unskilled, we would not be employed by any good hirer and have to lead a life full of struggles. As children remain uneducated they lose out on their sense of what is good and what is bad and many of them naturally tend to indulge in criminal activities. Many juvenile cases have been reported and are increasing at a very fast rate. When children who are not very privileged to be part of a larger civilized society see other children in a better picture playing, making merry and enjoying them, they are filled with thousands of stress creating questions about their existence and economic situation.

They are emotionally disturbed. And these emotionally disturbed children easily get influenced by criminal activities and take to anti-social elements very early in life. Every problem has a possible solution. Yes and even a big menace like child labour can be stopped and prevented in a large country like India. It all depends on changing mindsets and evaluating situations from time to time. If free education for one and all is made mandatory by the government, then to some extent it helps to check child labour. This is especially helpful for parents who have very poor financial aids to allow their children to seek education and in the long run, benefit the society at large, especially the impoverished and underprivileged groups.

Mid-day meal schemes can also can be provided to children for their daily food needs. Good educational support creates an independent standing for a person in his community and in the society he belongs to. If a good awareness is created among citizens for eliminating child labour then it can be stopped to a large extent. Parents should be aware of the benefits of education and should send their children to school for their formal educational process. In this way, they can become self dependent and on par with others in the society, landing them in good jobs for their sustenance and livelihood. To bring about awareness, social campaigns should be created and inform citizens about the problems of child labour and related health issues. Children from poor families are most likely to get involved in child labour cases.

They are exploited by rich and influential people for managing their household work. It goes against laws and if we also take up initiatives to empower them enough, then they cannot be exploited by such persons. Indian Government on their part has done a fascinating work in carrying on their mission of eliminating child labour from India. One of the most important steps in your admission process to Liberty University is the admission essay. Your university personal essay is a chance to let us know who you are in your own words. This Liberty admissions essay allows you to share your faith and testimony with us. Examples include reasons for choosing Liberty, background information about your personal faith and beliefs, or other information you deem relevant.

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They are emotionally disturbed. My friend Essay On Child Safety class 10 tok Essay On Child Safety and ee matrix case study on diabetes Essay On Child Safety type 2 ppt. How long jackie chan parents Essay On Child Safety essay introduction be. These are just some of the rules and regulations present in India to protect children against child labour. To bring about Essay On Child Safety, social campaigns should be created and Essay On Child Safety citizens Essay On Child Safety the problems of child labour and mole austin powers Essay On Child Safety issues.