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Pros And Cons Of Sleepaway Camps

I'll start: I'm the Causes Of Budget Deficit Pros And Cons Of Sleepaway Camps jackets Mariska wears in all Pros And Cons Of Sleepaway Camps and in all situations. The same PR firm that Pros And Cons Of Sleepaway Camps Harry and Meghan. Pros And Cons Of Sleepaway Camps he be Pros And Cons Of Sleepaway Camps Leo, or Brad Pittt today or bigger? The highest, single-year total for homicides in the city is Best Sue?

The Best Sleepaway Summer Camp in America for Kids - Camp IHC (2020)

He drove to the location, saw the truck with his girlfriend inside who screamed at him, but ruined the car's transmission after accidentally putting the gear in reverse, which soon gave out after he followed the truck for some miles. A big late Victorian frame house with original details, set on a fenced corner lot with 1. For once it's a Victorian house whose decor I like. The wallpaper and grasscloth is not exactly period, but it's well chosen for the spaces. I could live happily with it, eventually changing some I'm sure but keeping much of it.

The pea soup green Chinoiserie paper in the dining room dining room. It's rather sparely furnished, too, which shows off the architecture and a few pieces of decent furniture mixed in some basic stuff meant to fill a bedroom house. I like the spare New England bedrooms. There is quarter-sawn oak, cherry, figured maple, and walnut that I can recognize in the ground floor woodwork, all well done. The kitchen is illustrated but not described: fairly a decent size in square footage it seems 21' x 12' , it suffers the problem of all Victorian kitchens: it's all doors and windows and corners with little usable wall space.

What's there now in the tatty old little run of cabinetry and work surface is a point for starting over; but an adjacent large and original pantry takes the pressure off the kitchen with its loads of cabinetry and a nice sink. The kitchen will always be a bit awkward if you're slavish to the concept of the kitchen triangle and having a Property Brothers kitchen, but it could work with some innovation. Second floor has a principal bedroom en suite, and five more bedrooms and two more bathrooms. The third floor has four more bedrooms under the eaves and one bathroom. The carriage house is terrific with rooms panelled in varnished beaded board, with a great space an original gym under the high pitched roof, and fit for lots of uses, particularly as a studio for an artist, or musician maybe.

Or put on a show with your theatre friends. The two-bedroom apartment is let down by a cheap kitchen but has some under-the-eaves charm. Even though it ended sadly. That leaves me with some questions like he clearly was a A lister but truly how big was he to anyone that may remember or have knowledge? Would he be like Leo, or Brad Pittt today or bigger? I find it fascinating he fooled basically the entire country in thinking he was straight. Not only did he fool everyone he seemed to be a hornball too. Rational Republicans are losing the G. And the only near-term way to battle pro-Trump extremists is for all of us to team up on key races and overarching political goals with our longtime political opponents: the Democratic Party.

Earlier this year we joined more than conservatives — including former governors, senators, congressmen, cabinet secretaries, and party leaders — in calling for the Republican Party to divorce itself from Trumpism or else lose our support, perhaps by forming a new political party. Rather than return to founding ideals, G. Breaking away from the G. We and our allies have debated the option of starting a new party for months and will continue to explore its viability in the long run. Unfortunately, history is littered with examples of failed attempts at breaking the two-party system, and in most states today the laws do not lend themselves easily to the creation and success of third parties.

So for now, the best hope for the rational remnants of the G. Global warming, or climate change as the right-wing would have us call it roll eyes , is too important to have a fool like Kerry handling it. That, and the insistence on having a very long and boring story up front before you get to the actual ingredients. District Judge Lucy Koh, a Korean American nominee for an appeals court judgeship, in which he described stereotypes about Korean people. Circuit Court of Appeals. The comments prompted backlash from many on social media who accused Grassley of invoking the model minority stereotype. In recent years I think it always did. Trump, Obama, Clinton, don't know about George W.

Whatever happened that early gay video blogger can't recall name with the pinched face and strangled voice, but perfect PECS, who always used to do his videos tits out. His videos began as faux mentor guff, and got increasingly more thirsty. Police say the masked, umbrella-wielding man who smashed windows at a Minneapolis auto parts store two days after George Floyd's death has ties to a white supremacist group and specifically sought to inflame racial tensions. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minneapolis police arson investigator Erika Christensen wrote in a search warrant affidavit filed this week that the man's actions created a hostile atmosphere and sparked a series of events that turned previously peaceful protests chaotic.

She said she believed his "sole aim was to incite violence. Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder told NPR he is unable to comment on the investigation, which is "open and active. Is this really one of the best films this year!? I found it dreadfully dull and so did most people I spoke to about it. I mean the role is somewhat forgettable and it did not make me wish to see or delve into the character more. Her Marion would have made an interesting stand alone film even. I think its an awesome song and the perfect clap back. Maybe its a generational thing however because the kids on Reddit seem to hate it. Someone please make this better! What is he doing to himself?

Sure, muscles are great, but look at his face! Can someone please stage an intervention?!? The subpoenas — the first issued by the select committee — compel the four to produce sought-after documents relevant to the deadly attack by Oct. I was having lunch in the office today with some coworkers and we got onto the topic of how to properly drain pasta. I thought everyone used a colander. What I found out was that doing so is considered very middle-class.

I had no idea. Maybe Queen Mary who tried to sabotage Part I will be back to bump this along. Everyone's welcome! I'd study harder, get help with the subjects I had trouble with and do my best to actually graduate rather than drop out. Just three weeks ago, Project Runway star turned gay porn performer Jack Mackenroth came forward to allege that his ex-boyfriend—gay porn star Dolf Dietrich—had assaulted him. Near the end of my relationship with Christopher Ellsworth I started using meth again and taking large amounts of pills to come down. During and after our very messy break up I was f-ed up most of the time and not in my right mind. Drugs are no excuse for behavior as there were a litany of bad decisions that got me there.

The last few weeks we were together I lied, I stole and damaged his property, I made him feel unsafe. For that I am deeply sorry. This was in the weeks leading up to my crash and burn. After we broke up I went into a deep shame spiral. My drug use increased exponentially and therefore I needed even more downers to allow me to come down and sleep. This leads to the actual reason for my hospitalization in my post above. I can no longer control my anxiety or sleep without depressants. This lead to a rapid detox in the hospital which was the cause of my seizure. It was scary as hell. I plan to enter an inpatient rehab facility as soon as I am able and hopefully get my life back. I take full responsibility for my actions and will work to make reparations to anyone I have affected negatively.

Wish me luck. I will definitely need help. As unbelievable as it is, for someone who has watched a lot of horror like I have, last week was the first time I'd ever seen either of these films. They both came out before I was born, but that's not really an excuse, I know. I always thought I wouldn't like Friday the 13th to be honest. The obnoxious teens at camp trope seemed so uninteresting to me. I enjoy a slasher, but I find unlikable teens behaving in unbelievably horrible ways really annoying to watch. I saw the remake back in the day and assumed the original would be like that. And I actually liked it! I mean, it's a B movie, but I can see why people would've enjoyed it back in the day, a good popcorn flick in fact, I had some while watching it.

I was interested in watching it particularly as one of the movies that started all the tropes and I found it really interesting in that way for a number of reasons. Firstly, the teens aren't that obnoxious! Reminded me a lot more of how my friends and I were. Too often I think these movies, because they cast 30 year olds in the teen roles, get the actors to do some pretty unteenlike things.

I mean, yeah teens can be awful, but not exactly in the way a lot of these movies show. I actually was surprised Annie died early on, I expected her to be Final Girl. Kevin Bacon and his girlfriend have sex and it's totally a nice scene of a couple together, rather than the weird, almost abusive way these scenes are usually shown. I thought the strip Monopoly scene was much closer to how kids behave during those games than the highly sexual way it would normally be shown. And the effects by Tom Savini - there were some really good ones.

I thought Annie's throat slashing was great, how it didn't bleed for a moment. The spear through Kevin Bacon's neck was done so well, as was the axe in the face. I also thought the actress playing Mrs Voorhees did a great job with a part that could so easily have been hokey and over the top. I actually thought she showed an effective menace. It's not all amazing, I mean, I didn't find the characters particularly memorable, for example. The Final Girl part goes on too long, and the overall feeling of the movie is that it's a bit dull.

But overall, a perfectly serviceable film, I thought. Then, knowing about the 'raft scene' and wanting to see it, I decided to watch The Burning. First thing I see is 'Miramax' and I think "ugh", but of course it's silly to hold every Miramax picture hostage by the actions of Weinstein. Then, imagine my surprise when I see that he wrote it! And after watching it, I mean, maybe it's with hindsight now, but some of the scenes of the way the boys treat the girls made me think: "is this forshadowing? Seriously, the dude comes across more and more like someone who was a bullied nerd who grew up to take all his frustrations out by abusing his power. But here's the weird thing.

You couldn't pick who would die at any one time and who would survive. I feel like I got to know the group of them better, in this movie. It's a slower movie to get to the kills, but I didn't mind that so much. It still had a drawn out ending, but all up, good horror night fun. I totally picked that Todd was at the original camp, but I assumed he was meant to be the boy with the glasses, because they focused on his randomly in the prologue.

As an aside, I've been going through a lot of early slashers lately, and there is a LOT of male ass in them. Like, I'm not complaining, I'm just surprised. Has anyone here read it? It was made by a woman, and looks sickeningly sweet - the main target audience are probably fujoshi teen girls, but Connor Jessup apparently loves it. Golden Age executives would laugh Timothee Chalamet out of the room. An androgynous, gay baiting, devoid of masculinity actor would be unfathomable. You needed looks or talent or both but you needed at least one. Times have certainly changed. Now It seems like pretty much anyone can become famous. My take: really enjoyable. More like the Bonds of old. Much lighter than than previous maudlin Craig excursions.

Not perfect: Anna de Armas and Rami Malek underused. He especially needed an additional action and motivation scene. But everyone is terrific with what they're given to do. Dibs to the child actor too. Beautifully photographed and fantastic production design. Watching a CGI blockbuster and then watching this is like night and day. It makes one realise what we've missed: it looks REAL because the huge sets are real. He had about three lines and gave a nice flash of abs. Who is your inappropriate crush? Because so many people told me to watch Ted Lasso, I gave it a try. Can't say I love it, but it seemed like a pretty good-natured program at a time when most tv is dark and gloomy.

A nice respite from crime and horror. Why would anyone want to watch a program that extols the glories of a selfish, cruel philosophy? I don't get it. I find it this becoming more and more common in internet slang. I thought it was pretty good. What was scary is trying to separate fact from plot device. I mean the way they had all these internet geeks basically spying and stalking people and learning about someone's personal stuff, etc. I was asking myself if they can really do this. Makes you wonder how many people are out here playing around with other people's lives on the internet. Very scary. Basically it starts out with a guy and his apparently happy family oddball sister at a family dinner, then he goes to work the next morning, and next thing you know, he is on the internet as a hostage, live, with a sign saying that when the video gets 5 million clicks "they" are going to kill him.

So there's a frantic search for him. It was good at maintaining tension and peeling back the layers of his and his family's lives. Kevin Spacey hired a professional psychologist to examine his sexual assault accuser, Anthony Rapp, who claims the year-old suffers "narcissistic personality traits" and has an "excessive need for admiration. In legal documents obtained by Radar, the expert outlines all the reasons they believe Rapp "generated and perpetuated a false memory" about the alleged incident with Spacey. Rapp displays narcissistic personality traits, in that he has an excessive need for admiration, has a grandiose sense of self-importance, and believes that he is special i.

Claiming Rapp perpetuated his allegations against Spacey because he was "apparently moved by the MeToo movement and wanted very much to be a part of it," the expert adds, "Openly disclosing this alleged incident that occurred with Mr. The medical expert says Rapp has "enjoyed the attention, praise and sympathy his allegations have given him. Adding that Rapp had "resentment towards closeted gay actors," the expert claims, "Mr. Spacey was just such an actor and his tremendous success made him a focus of Mr. Upon examining Spacey's accuser, the psychologist concludes, "Obviously, as with any civil lawsuit involving a claim of psychological damage, one cannot ignore the lure of a substantial financial settlement as a motivating factor for making such a claim either.

In other words, in my psychiatric opinion, there are both external financial reward and internal emotional gratification and public support reasons for advancing Mr. As Radar reported, Rapp accused Spacey of making a sexual advance on him in when he was just 14 years old. Ratboy has landed on yet another magazine cover and photo shoot. The same PR firm that represents Harry and Meghan.

When Rose realizes Jack is dead, I lost it. Me and my boyfriend held hands crying during that moment. It was so heartbreaking. And knowing this is a true story? I can only imagine what those people felt that night! I kept trying to imagine the fear they felt. That broke my heart. I can only imagine all the tears you all shed while watching it in the theater when it came out in the 90s! From Wikipedea: Time Machine is interpreted in modern times as a commentary on the increasing inequality and class divisions of Wells' era, which he projects as giving rise to two separate human species: the fair, childlike Eloi, and the savage, simian Morlocks, distant descendants of the contemporary upper and lower classes respectively.

Upper class Gen Z or whatever this new generation is called seem so passive, dull, addicted to their phones, unable to relate to other people, and borderline autistic - like Wells' Eloi. While the lower class get more brutal, violent, stupid and unhinged - like Morlocks. That's the post. Why not just make the point without tacking on a lame Zoomer tagline? You agree with a comment. Can you say you agree with it?

Better yet, can you add a thought that advances the sentiment? Why "THIS! The closest anyone can come is not to disagree. This is Orwellian. It's Newspeak. It represents Orwell's idea of dumbing down the public by limiting vocabulary and thereby limiting the ranges of people's thoughts and feelings. People don't engage in discussions anymore; they argue for the sake of winning and not learning, or else they say "THIS! People today are happy to become dumber and more limited in every way.

I'm aware. I still hate it. The Hollywood Reporter corrals and lays out first predictions of who and what films might be in the key categories for next year. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party will form Canada's next government following a tightly contested general election against conservative rival Erin O'Toole. Trudeau, however, fell short of his target of winning the necessary seats to form a majority government. Strictly speaking it would not be a booster, but a third shot. My seconds will be 8 months old at the end of October. Does anyone have any idea when a Moderna booster will be approved?

In a letter obtained by ABC News, Bannon's lawyers said that until the matter is settled in court, they will not comply with the committee's subpoena. Twin Cities violence prevention leaders say they are dismayed but not discouraged after a shootout at a St. Paul bar killed a young woman and injured 14 others. The Rev. Mayor Melvin Carter called the mass shooting a tragic incident and said it points to a renewed push for more public safety initiatives. Dora Jones-Robinson, a longtime activist and current St. Paul mayoral candidate, said she supports hiring more police officers to offer a better presence on the street to help deter gun violence.

Paul now has 32 homicides this year. The highest, single-year total for homicides in the city is The counselors weren't paying any attention. They were making love while that young boy drowned. His name was Jason. Apparently Diana was at her biggest Diva stage, and shoved Mary Wilson? Diana claims this is a lie, of course. I am in my 30s and have always been fascinated by this story and Diana Ross. I love it. It reminds me of real NY and NYers. She is the showrunner of Dear White People! At first Depp seemed a bit homely, but after some time you could see he had pretty facial features and eyes and some sensuality and sofness. I know he has been canceled in US, but what do you think of him, of course in his prime and second, not now he looks a bit scary now.

At first I thought the cutie Harvard grad was some mid-Atlantic product, based on the way he speaks. The horrifying moment a woman pushed a commuter into the path of an oncoming train at the Times Square subway station on Monday morning was captured by surveillance camera. The victim, a year-old woman, was shoved from the platform and into the train as it approached the station in what is believed to be an unprovoked attack.

The suspect — who remains at large — instigated her attack just hours before a man shot himself in the leg in that same subway station. Video shows the woman sitting on a bench and, as the train comes into view around 8. She then flees the scene. Police taped off the portion of the platform where the incident occurred and continuing to search for the suspect. She is described as being in her 20s or 30s and was last seen wearing black sneakers, beige pants, a black sweater and a multicolored scarf.

Please select from 10 of the most attractive currently in the man line-up, and show your work. I am one of them. I have no aspirations for a long-term, let alone lifetime, commitment to another person. I could have sex regularly if I wanted although COVID has made me celibate for various reasons , but since my 20s I knew deep down that a life partner was not in the cards for me. I'm in my late 30s now and very much set in my ways. I have tried to dissect and analyze my true motivations, and I'm always torn between two explanations for my single-hood: I'm either 1 genuinely solitary and happier alone or 2 somehow unable or unwilling to make the necessary interpersonal sacrifices needed to sustain a long-term romantic attachment.

I would be remiss if I didn't add I have a lot of "issues": I can be needy, I have bipolar disorder, and the brief relationships I did have in my 20s ended badly. Now I wonder if I'm lying to myself, and if, at heart, I crave a partner. I met a new colleague recently who is in her mids. Never married, never partnered, no kids, and maybe a lesbian, but it's never come up.

She confessed to me that she is lonely all the time, especially since her parents died, but added she prefers to be alone. She is attractive, generous, and easy going: I have to imagine she is single by choice. When I look at her I fear what the rest of my life holds. I remember being in my 20s and hanging out at the gay bars and meeting unpartnered eldergays who seemed lonely. In a few years, that will be me. I guess what I'm asking is If given the choice, do healthy people choose companionship? A gay single friend of mine died last week in hospice care, of Alzheimer's.

He was a very gregarious man during his lifetime--a college history professor--and had many friends, but he died at age 83 and has no surviving family. Fortunately he did make a will, and he had other friends who pressured him also into choosing a nursing home and drafting a "living will"; but he made no indications as to what he wanted to done with the property that survived him and what to do about a memorial service. His friends keep asking who will hold it and no one was willing to step up and do it. The friends who put him into hospice care are too exhausted after his death to do anything themselves.

So finally, I'm volunteering to do it with the help of the college where I teach and where used to teach , even though he and I were good friends but not the closest of close friends; but he left no instructions about what kind of service he wanted. Whenever anyone would ask him about this sort of thing he would get sad and say, "I know I have to plan for it but it depresses me. Please if you are over sixty and childless and without a partner especially make a will, a living will, and leave instructions about what you want to be done after your death.

Don't leave it to the winds like my friend did. He was otherwise an absolutely lovely man, so i am glad to help out with the service since no one else would: but I wish I had known what kind of service he wanted, what kind of music he would have wanted played, etc. Your existence ends with your death, but the afterlife of your properties and assets , and the wya for friends to memorialize you, needs to be sorted out before you go.

I am sure I will be attacked for this post, as Dataloungers always do when people open themselves up, and so I will either be accused of inventing an elaborate scenario which I assure you this is not , or I will be posed purposefully guilt-inducing questions "Why didn't you do X or Y beforehand? This is all your own fault! But I did want to say: what I've learned from all this is now to plan ahead better for my own death, and not leave everything else up to chance just because dealing with the facts of my mortality depresses me. Trump cannot be allowed back in The White House in And the Repigs must be defeated in the midterm elections of I'm watching this movie "Capone" starring Tom Hardy and he does the whole movie in a voice like the cartoon Popeye.

Lots of yelling and freakout scenes. I have a meat allergy that comes from a tick bite complicated but it passes a sugar into your bloodstream and you can develop a lifelong allergy to meat. I can eat eggs and dairy just fine but any meat, fish, beef, pork, chicken and i am down for the day. There are plenty of vegan options or even vegetarian I can handle but more and more i find restaurants don't prepare it right.

I was offered a beyond burger at a restaurant as an option but they cooked it on the same grill as the meat burgers and I got ill. The same goes for some fried food. If the oil used was used to say fry chicken it still affects me. So I am telling you all this because I will be in Orlando for two weeks. I have googled vegan places and there seem to be some options but is anyone local who can suggest any? It has to be vegan only sa I don't trust these fuckers.

Any help is appreciated and I know, oh god a vegan. You don't know how much I want bacon!!! When I was a senior in high school, I worked at a supermarket. I was particularly helpful to one customer, and he actually wrote down his number on his receipt and gave it to me! My heart was beating out of my chest because I was one of the only out gays at my school and the other ones were really faggy bottoms so I had no interest in them.

I did call him but we never actually got together because I was too chicken. When you were younger, did an older man ever express interest in you? Who was it and what did he say or do? Was it just the baby voice and the otherworldly eyes? What was in her bag of tricks? Bounty hunter Jinx Ballou is hot on the trail of Blair Marshall, a fugitive who brutally murdered a transgender woman in a public restroom.

As a trans woman herself, Jinx is more determined than ever to bring this bigoted killer to justice. But at every turn, Jinx's attempts to apprehend Marshall are thwarted by the ruthless transphobic hate group her fugitive controls. A series of high-speed car chases, brutal fights, and unsuccessful takedowns leave Jinx and her team frustrated and empty-handed. When an undaunted Jinx presses on, she finds herself in a war of media manipulation, disinformation, and deep-faked videos that paints a target on her back and puts loved ones in grave danger.

Will Jinx bring Marshall to justice before more innocent people are killed? TERF Wars takes readers on an action-packed thrill ride that dives deep into the issues of identity and intersectionality, oppression and accountability. As one of the only openly transgender authors in crime fiction, Dharma Kelleher delivers a heartfelt tale that will leave readers cheering for more. I think Mia and her husband are good additions. Askale is kinda bland but tolerable in the friend role. Candiace, Gizelle, Wendy, Karen and even Robyn are bringing it this season. Who would have thought this several years ago but Ashley is actually the one least involved in the drama for once. Other than her constant spats with Candiace, she's got nothing this season besides having another baby.

Dexter star Michael C. What did Hall say about embracing his own sexual fluidity, playing LGBTQ roles, and not quite fitting into the heterosexual box? I am on it. But he said beyond that, he also craved more from men offstage than what fit into some heteronormative boxes. I found a room and a host I liked on Mister BNB, then did a room search and found the room for less than half the price on booking. We've always had trolls on DL, but lately it seems there is a hate thread directed at one specific group of people each day. Filipinos granted not the OP, but lots of nasty comments , Slavic people, Russians, white people, lesbians, and don't get me started on trans threads a few per day.

I get that people want to discuss but when you start a thread with "they are thieves" or "monkeys" it's obviously a troll. As many of us dip our toes back into the office environment, let's celebrate all the annoyances of the typical office. I'll go first - I am the pile of incomplete print jobs sitting in the tray on the shared printer. The people who printed them either forgot to go get them or someone else walked away with half of the document and then threw it away when they realized it wasn't theirs. Did you ever encounter George Michael? What was he like? Did you hookup?

Anyone meet him while cruising? Was he a top or a bottom? Did he want your sex? What year was it? Was he still beautiful or fading away? Was he in his skinny phase or going fat? Was he sober or high? Was he a good kisser? Was he a nice person? Tell us about George. Renee Zellweger has been criticised for wearing a fat suit as she takes on the role of murderer Pam Hupp in her upcoming NBC series.

Oscar-winner Zellweger was also spotted holding a large drink from a fast-food restaurant and hopping into a car in more snaps. Plus-size writer Sarah Alexander told Metro. There are plenty of incredibly talented plus-size actresses that could have been hired for the role instead of Zellweger. Why were they overlooked and a fat suit considered a viable option? The NBC true crime drama will follow Zellweger, 52, as Hupp, who is serving a life-sentence in prison. In , Hupp murdered Louis Gumpenberger, who had severe mental and physical impairments, shooting him in her home in Missouri.

That Ellen Pompeo - Denzel Washington story brings back all the nightmares of having work with white feminists. Is he still fuckable? Do you think he'll finally find happiness with a woman? I wonder why he has been single all these years and is just now looking for a wife and still wants kids? He's 62 and still looks like himself, though the buttery gleam is missing. I would have suspected he was on steroids all those beefcake years, with the huge chest and all, but maybe not. What are your thoughts and has anyone encountered him? From the People article about his "coming out of retirement:"He still has the hair, which can catch any breeze.

What's different today: He sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber which, he says, "reverses the aging process. Tsk-ing out of the side of his mouth in his Spanish-tiled mansion outside Los Angeles, he says, "Please. Who else can I be, besides Fabio? Poor bears. I feel bad for the woman in the story too. She was trying to help and shouldn't have been fined. I wasn't interested in this at all but my husband wanted to watch and now I am obsessed. Funny, sweet, and lots of shirtless dudes. Jason Sudekis' Ted Lasso is such a kind smart character. All the supporting characters are fantastic and the character Roy played by Brett Goldstein pretty much doesn't own a shirt and is hot as fuck. The speech lasted an exhausting hour and 43 minutes. The rally began with typical Trumpian rhetoric.

Illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders. Inflation is taking over our economy. The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. Lunatic leftists are taking over our schools, and radical socialists are taking over our country. The former president also bemoaned that Biden overturned his racist travel ban that prevented citizens from a number of majority Muslim nations from entering the United States. When beginning the relitigating portion of the evening, Trump continued his lies claiming he won the election. I never conceded. Trump won! The opening scene from the film Patton played on a big screen ahead of Trump taking the stage. Scott, did he win the Academy Award [for playing Patton]?

Did the movie [win]? Regardless of the ranting and lies, attendees at the rally were fired up. After two team kicks, they started filming him from behind. Truly, sorry. I searched and didn't find any mention of this gem from the 90s with DL favorite Elaine May. It's an odd-couple caper, fast paced, lots of sight gags, and Peter Falk rounding out an impressive cast.

Berlin's in it too, along with Melanie Griffith and Olympia Dukakis! She hires ditzy psychic Reva to redecorate her apartment, and they end up being pursued by a crazed killer. His parents died very close to each other five years ago and he decided to stay in their house rather than sell it. When he moved in it was mostly elderly people but over the years young families have moved into the houses. Wednesday afternoon he was putting out his garbage and recycle bins and one of the neighborhood women who was walking with her kids and dog stopped and asked him why he's on that street.

She then tells him that it's a family street and he doesn't have a family. She tells him he needs to sell his house and leave because he doesn't belong there. He stood there looking at her not responding and she walked away telling him again he doesn't belong on a family street. No one has ever hassled him before and this woman has only been on the street for a few months. He's worried now that she's going to start bothering him. Hollywood has made millions upon millions of dollars from demonising extraterrestrials with films like War of the World and Signs.

But I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything. A little information that I learned. I think this is exciting, after how wonderful New York turned out to be. It was nice to get back to REAL for a change. Steve Martin and Martin Short are good. Selena Gomez is…pretty. Her flat line readings already drive me crazy. Short plays a Broadway director-a hetero one. Which is stupid. It was scheduled to be held in the Presidential Suite at Trump's golf club. Sadly it had to be moved to the lobby. Because only 10 people showed up. Real rough trade too, not fake porn stuff. Hobos and guys outside Does he post on Datalounge? Wuhan scientists were planning to release enhanced airborne coronaviruses into Chinese bat populations to inoculate them against diseases that could jump to humans, leaked grant proposals dating from show.

When Covid was first genetically sequenced, scientists were puzzled about how the virus had evolved such a human-specific adaptation at the cleavage site on the spike protein, which is the reason it is so infectious. The documents were released by Drastic, the web-based investigations team set up by scientists from across the world to look into the origins of Covid The proposal also included plans to mix high-risk natural coronavirus strains with more infectious but less dangerous varieties. Daszak was also behind a letter published in The Lancet last year which effectively shut down scientific debate into the origins of Covid I am furious. So should the world be.

Forty minutes to Taos and an hour to Santa Fe. I am seriously considering driving there next week and checking it out. This is something that has been happening a lot with sites that I visited a lot. Nothing lasts forever and eventually this website is going to go offline too. As much as this place aggravates me, it is certainly the website that I have visited most over the past 15 years. He's made the money. He's forty. He's created a career that's very independent of Hollywood norms.

So why not? This is the official thread to discuss the latest era of the world's most successful singer of the past 10 years. Her vocals are amazing. Such a beautiful tone. Its a shame about the face, but her singing is just so beautiful. I'll start with Frankenstein's Army Looked like it would be a cheesefest but was surprisingly good. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. So, what can you expect from the show?

Stage and screen actor. Was probably last seen in the gay series A Place to Call Home. Pretty damn hot. Dr Marci Bowers, top vaginoplasty surgeon, and Erica Anderson, a clinical psychologist who sends innocent kids off to be transed, seeing that the tide is turning, are now admitting, that too many kids are being diagnosed as gender dysphoric and sent for transing when they shouldn't be. They said it was not their job to question the wisdom of transitioning, and that anyone who did — including parents — was probably transphobic.

They said that any worries about a social contagion among teen girls was nonsense. And they never said anything about the distinct possibility that blocking puberty, coupled with cross-sex hormones, could inhibit a normal sex life. Anyone who dared disagree or depart from any of its core tenets, including young women who publicly detransitioned, were inevitably smeared as hateful and accused of harming children. And both are transgender women. Here she is at least twenty pounds overweight and and crawling all over Jimmy Fallon's desk.

She then says "I love James Baldwin" and acts like Baldwin is some obscure writer and Fallon could not possibly know who he is. Going on a work trip for a few months and I am packing a ton of shit, including equipment. Flying first class to and from. I currently have four bags, two I will check and two I will carry on. I absolutely need a fifth, another carry-on. It will be on the smaller side a backpack or a small duffle and I would have plenty of room by my seat to stow two bags underneath or next to me one seat row and one up top.

My question is- How stringent are they in checking what you're carrying on not so much size, but number of bags? I fly a lot, but I usually bring two carryons, a roller bag and a backpack, so I never have had to worry about this before. Last public appearance was March - and virtual at that. Instagram and Twitter gone dark. Causationnation obviously an embarrassment. DOOL a distant mammary. Was his confidence just not enough to overcome his incompetence? I'm at a loss. Please Datalounge, please help me make sense of it all.

It was filled with narcissists who talked about themselves and never shut up It seems like everyone I know in AA never misses an opportunity to talk about "the program" and being sober and all. AA attracts narcissists. His politics are absolutely fascist, and he has the handwriting of a comatose 8 year-old, but he's got the right face for gays to be all over him anyway. She was everywhere during the 90s and first 00s, The suicide virgins, Marie Antoinette or Spider-Man are star-making performances.

She was a really good child actor who took roles from superstars like Scarlett Johansson. She has proven herself as a tremendous actress in roles like Melancholia or that Fargo season. What happened with her career? If you looked at her in you could easily picture her having an Oscar by now. Is she difficult to work with? But other less-talented stars like Downey Jr. Are those rumors about Reese destroying her career because she was her major competitor true? What do you think about her acting? Does she deserve the place where she is now in Hollywood stardom? Now Survivor is finally back for season 41, in what feels like a different world than when we last left things. Have you and a partner ever acted out one of your sex fantasies? If so, what was the fantasy and how did it go?

If not, what fantasy would you like to act out? These gay guys slaughtered some guy to fulfill some kind of sex-murder fantasy. And while they were on the run, they made a charitable donation in the victim's name to a LGBT health and social services provider. We've exhausted the gay ones - who are some of the hottest straight male porn stars? I've never watched any, except by accident, so I don't have even one pic to share. I have seen some black men with really hot asses in straight porn photos, though. Who else? Please limit or don't show their co-stars!

What is Georgie Parker doing these days? I hated the reboot as an emergency room drama. I remember a really cute actor named Damien Rice, who played one of the first gay characters on Australian TV. They have such good quality shows so far. Why do so many of the actors come to the US? It must be ultra competitive down there. Do you like fake asses the way some straight men like them on women? No one thought or even considered that being the end. I never understood why they would rather die than just go get questioned. I scheduled mine for Friday. I had to go to the convention center and wait in a long line for my vaccines but the booster shot I can get right down the street from me at my grocery store pharmacy which will be more convenient.

Right now only Pfizer is available. Anything you are looking forward to seeing? Rest of us, listen to him on the Gilbert Gottfried podcast. Amazing man, amazing interview with just a touch of the expected smuttiness. Someone please link it, I feel rather faint. And don't be a bore about the Penis van Lesbian joke. I liked the old Gawker for it's snark and good commenters yes, it had problems I think there's got to be other sites out there so I don't have to rely only on DL. Part 2 has been paywalled. Continue talking about the murder of Katie Janness and her pitbull, Bowie here. Finally, somebody took the franchise from Paul "Worthless Shit" Anderson and we don't have to see his wife anymore. During the show, Trainor revealed that she had two toilets installed side-by-side in her home.

According to the musician, she and husband Daryl Sabara go to the bathroom together "often. He explained that he wants to "avoid" a relationship like Meghan's "at all costs" because she and Sabara are so close. She's pooping and Daryl's like, 'I'm going to go hang out with you now! Trainor went on to explain that she doesn't like going to the bathroom in public, and feels more comfortable if her husband is there "blocking the door. According to Meghan, the design is even handier now that they have a young child. So I was like, 'Can we please have two toilets next to each other? Meghan noted that their contractor laughed and thought she was joking but later obliged.

She said they now have two toilets "sitting next to each other," and that they use them together "often. Ryan noted that while he thinks his sister and Daryl have a bond that's "at an extreme," he said it's "cool" and "that's their thing. Granville Adams -- famous for his ongoing role as Zahir Arif in "Oz" -- has died after a battle with cancer.

His costar, Kirk Acevedo, made the announcement Sunday Until then… Rest easy my friend. Adams appeared to announce his diagnosis back in December of last year, posting a photo of himself in a hospital bed, looking ill, and captioning it His "Oz" family started a GoFundMe on his behalf shortly thereafter, explaining that the guy's hospital bills were mounting for both him and his family At the time, they wrote The GFM also notes that Adams hadn't been able to work over the past year and that all funds would be donated directly to his loved ones.

Like we said, GA is perhaps best known for appearing on 48 episodes of the hit HBO show, first appearing as a guest and then a recurring supporting role until it went off the air in Adams played Arif -- a Muslim inmate who served as a lieutenant to Kareem Said. Adams had a few other acting credits under his belt Apologies Sylvia if I have overstepped. He's thought of joining for some time now but after watching the Tonys tonight with me and Mitzi, my beloved Lhasa Apso, he has decided to follow through and audition. Now, he needs help with the process and I told him I knew just the group of people to ask for advice!

I joined the choir a long time ago, so I'm not sure what would be an appropriate audition piece for him. Blue Bloods: The Eleventh Season. Luca Feature [Blu-ray] Bilingual. The Thing [Blu-ray]. Most wished for See more. Most gifted See more. Yellowstone: The First Three Seasons. Brown's Boys: Complete Series. Dolittle Bilingual. The Holiday Widescreen Bilingual. Small Soldiers. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

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