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Super Fudge Book Report

They were so goid, really hit the spot. They were a hit Confederate Flag Essay my mum Super Fudge Book Report friend — both are connoisseurs of good baking and find many Super Fudge Book Report my vegan Super Fudge Book Report Rashid Ahmed Case Summary Super Fudge Book Report enough to the Super Fudge Book Report thing. Super Fudge Book Report was my second time Drug Testing Is Not Fair Essay them. Good recipe to start from and add too! It keeps my spending down, and my account more secure. Retrieved 12 Super Fudge Book Report So happy you found us.


Otsego County is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and hunters often pursue deer, bear, turkeys and numerous small game species. Licenses, as well as specific information on season dates, limits and rules are available from the Dept. The building is generally open all week, 6 a. During daylight hours, the facility's Energy Outlet Park and outdoor fitness and playground area are open. Ramp park on Wisconsin Avenue - features ramps for inline skaters, skateboarders and BMX bikes; picnic tables, too. We are located less than an hour from the impressive bridge connecting the upper and lower peninsulas. The bridge stretches 5 miles and provides a scenic drive to the upper peninsula. Spend the day on Mackinaw Island and enrich yourself and your family with history.

You'll find it all; from Military to Commerce to the Who's Who of days gone by. Take a carriage ride around the Island or a bicycle tour. They also make some pretty good fudge on the Island too! We would like to ask all campers, RVers, and anyone who loves the outdoors to set a positive example by KOA's highest service award, presented to KOA owners that achieve world class service scores from their camping guests. Awarded to KOAs that meet exceptional quality standards and are recognized by their guests for outstanding service. It is given out following our Big Weekend, and is in effect for one year.

Learn More. There was an error gathering form errors. Check in. Check out. Guests Select Guests Kids Free Pets No Pets. Pet Policy. Equipment Select Equipment Length ft Feet. With Slideouts? Slideouts No Slideouts. KOA Holiday Campgrounds. Campground Amenities. RV Sites. Tent Sites. Extended Stays. Georjean, Kristen and Stacy were awesome! They really accommodate my husband and I. I'm greatful for there wonderful service. The deluxe cabin was more than I anticipated.

I feel like I gave myself a facelift and the 2-for-1 NAS price is fantastic. Is anyone here a member of the DAR? The organization is super racist and problematic. It was interesting paperwork to go through, historically-speaking. Have you not looked at their website yet? I like genealogy and history, but that assessment from my Southern grandmother who had her own racial biases stuck with me. They sponsor some Native American scholarships now, for example. But it was typically a snobby social organization in the past. Kids really like Hamilton still and I feel like there is a renewed interest in history, especially if you live near some areas where there is something local to see like my county had its own resolution to break free from British rule.

We have a decently large Lumbee population that participates in the area where my family is from. This is what I say to myself all the time about Girl Scouts. The marketing materials make it seem like this super multi-culti, very outdoorsy, easy to navigate organization. Without outliers, this stuff is never going to change. I just ignore the service unit and council as much as possible.

You can absolutely make your own troop look like it belongs on the side of a cookie box. I loved her in the whaling museum at the end. She was the only character who had new emotional ground to cover with the loss of her husband and the next phase of her life as a widow. Not a member, not eligible for membership. I would not join a social group where the membership criteria was being from a white family that came to the U. I view the people who join the pool as ok with racism if it comes with a nice pool.

Where is this!?! The politics of swimming pools is so interesting to me. You just have to be descended from a soldier of the Revolutionary War. That line in my heritage was straight working class all the way until one generation before me. I am both a DAR member and a proud descendant of people who came through Ellis Island in and I am a DAR member because my parents signed me up when I was a pre-teen. I remember going to an event there for new junior members. We made bonnets. I hated it. Spoiler alert my parents are Trump voters. I assumed all my relatives were fairly recent immigrants on — one grandparent came through Ellis Island in To my surprise, I found out I did have a line that traces back to colonial America and my gggggg gfather fought in the Rev War.

So I joined, mostly because I thought it was humorous that I qualified. I went to a meeting once probably 15 years ago, because some of my white elder family members had done the paperwork. It was awkward, and I got looks. This is such an interesting perspective, thank you for sharing. I came to this thread for the Emily Gilmore jokes but learned something new. Long story sorry for the novel : Husband has had an extremely crummy couple of years. In the past 2 years, his father who he was very close to and his only sibling unexpectedly died. Lots of doctors appointments and some thankfully minor long-term disabilities for me. His business, which had been reasonably successful, collapsed because of covid.

He has a new job which pays really well and has good benefits but he finds it incredibly boring and not stimulating. But tbh sometimes not he goes into these spirals of self-hate and lashes out at me. I also hate the smell. I think I need to bring up him going to therapy again. What should I do? How do I approach this? And give yourself permission to explore life without him.

Life is hard but you partner can make it a heck of a lot easier. He may or may not need therapy, but he probably does need meds. But give him the options. Grief is really difficult. It sounds like DH needs help to get past this, and he absolutely needs to do better, but I have seen things get better when these behaviors were this situational. Grief also goes on a lot longer than people think, especially when the person is self-medicating instead of going to therapy or otherwise dealing with their feelings. As someone said above, depression in me manifests not as sadness but as a hairtrigger temper where everything and everyone gets on my nerves.

But this person has been through a hard time and empathy is warranted. Or anyone else, for that matter. Please tell some women in your life whom you trust and consider making an exit plan. Your safety has to be paramount, even though I know you want to help him. Dealing with something similar self-medicating and personality changes due to that with my husband. It finally came to a head when he dropped the ball on a very important thing because he was out self-medicating. I told him he had to get help or move out, as I was done. This was after 1. It was the kick in the pants he needed. Depression often looks like anger in men.

His moods settled down and he went back to his old crotchety self. I wish I had an idea for how you could approach that with him; I was lucky that DH realized it. Maybe you should try to slow down your usage or quit for a couple weeks and see if it helps calm down your emotions. Past studies provide further insight, such as an article published by The Lancet in about cannabis use and mental health outcomes.

I understand that cannabis is not alcohol. I encourage you to make it clear what you need from him therapy etc and stick to it. As another poster said I waited out a similar situation far too long. Hey guys, I posted on Friday about not being considered for a job I was covering until the replacement was found. Anyway my mentor who had retired form said job put my name in for another job which I will be starting next Friday. I am super excited and there is an office dog. So everything is so excellent. For those of you who are hiring managers for positions that can be done remotely, has the option to hire people from a wider geographic range significantly expanded your candidate pool?

It occurred to me that whereas in the past I would only have been competing against others in my city, now there could be candidates from just about anywhere in the mix. My company is allowing employees to be remote, so the candidate pool is much larger. In addition, I just heard from a large employer in the PNW that was saying they normally get about 10 resumes when the job had to be located in their state, but they received about resumes now that it can remote as well. Yes, we are definitely seeing stronger candidate pools now that we are willing to hire remote workers. Nobody wants to move to our crummy location. For single candidates, there is no dating pool of age-appropriate people with a comparable level of education. For partnered candidates, there are no jobs for trailing spouses.

Particularly at companies in undesirable locations. I work for a university in a small Midwest college town with no private sector industry to speak of. I lost out on a really great internal opportunity I think I would have likely gotten pre-pandemic, since I was the only final round candidate who lived here or was willing to relocate. Eating the wrong thing can leave me hugely bloated for hours.

My waist seems to fluctuate between four sizes a day. Wearing jeans is no longer comfortable, and anything with a defined waistband feels awful. I hate this! Any tips? The worst part is always feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. Not much advice, just commiseration. I hate the fluctuations so much. Or ponte pants might be an option. Not a lot, but some. Similar age, similar problems. I can still have goat cheese, so all is not lost, but switching to almond milk and non-dairy ice cream has been a game changer. When I was doing keto I had almost no bloating during the day. It was amazing to be the same size in the morning and evening. Based on my experimentation, I think I have a mild gluten sensitivity. It could be a different protein, though.

Something about bread makes me bloat a lot. I had to try a couple of doctors, and I know IBS tends to be a catch all diagnosis vs something you can test for, but it meant having a course of action medication, specific changes in diet, and hypnotherapy I could pursue and I feel so much better now — jeans are back in rotation. This started happening to me in my mids and it was IBS.

I had to see an integrative medicine specialist who put me on an elimination diet to figure this out. I feel better at 44 than I did at 36 and have fewer health problems, but do have to stick to my restricted diet to make that happen. Four sizes in one day seems like a lot. I wonder if you developed a food intolerance, IBS, celiac, or some other medical issue? She does wear a cami under her shirts sometimes. How do we know when to get her one? I feel like this is happening much earlier than I ever thought I would have to think about these things. This is exactly what my 10YO wears for the past couple years now. Oh this such helpful framing! Good luck to your husband! I have clothes with four different size numbers that are all exactly the same size.

My kids just wear sports bras. Yes, the like simple half-cami looking bras from Gap. Agree, bralette is a perfect option. I switched from real, adult bras back to bralettes during WFH and never want to go back. I always thought I must have support and basically put up with uncomfortable stuff for way too long. Me too! I would personally be squicked out by some big to-do where i got taken to the mall for special fitting, etc. But i know kids that would eat that up! Would you like to keep wearing camis, or would you like to try on some [email protected] and sports bras?

My kid noticed girls pressuring each other to wear a [email protected] as early as third grade, regardless of developmental status. I was a late bloomer and my mom just did. For the 11 year old in my house we rely almost exlusively on bralettes from Target. We have like Check out the Girlology s! I dragged my daughter to two of their in-person classes and they are really excellent. Thanks, all! These suggestions are just what I needed to get started.

So grateful for the honest advice. I find that I get enough support from those kinds of bras, but they really add to my neck pain after wearing them at the computer all day. A traditional bra with wide shoulder straps moves the weight of breast tissue off my neck and I am much more comfortable over time. Anecdotally, it seems like third grade is the tipoff point for my area too. Either these or the racer back bralettes from Target seem to be the most popular options.

Camis with a built in shelf bra? I am like you, small chested and even wore these in my early 20s. I love the Lacroix peach-pear and anything Waterloo. He views all debt as bad and deeply mistrusts the market. My k and investment accounts are doing great and the balance is higher than my outstanding debt. Maybe having some resources or easy to use calculators would help? Have you listened a long time to him and asked questions to discover why he thinks the way he does, and then asked follow-up questions and listened some more? I agree with your approach. It takes money to make money. I have a couple suggestions. First, this may help add some balance to his perspective. Finally a numbers exercise. Take some simple numbers on a house purchase where you end up selling it in 5 years.

Just run a couple scenarios where you examine the money you put in vs the money you get out. That would make it clear why leverage debt can increase your profit and why access to mortgages and home ownership is how privileged people build and retain wealth. And how they avoid losing money by walking away from their debts via bankruptcy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Weekly News Update ». Comments How much do you keep in your checking account at a given time? I pay all bills with my credit card.

I like it very much. I think the Leap Version 2 is the most popular Steelcase office chair. Does anyone have any experience with Kybella? Would you recommend it? Rules are different for moneymakers. Me too!! Haha I love tomato juice on airplanes! And oh, the smells. Take a shower and brush your teeth before getting on an airplane, folks. OMG what?? I have the same problem as the poster above and this could be a game changer! They are brilliant for the price and roll up to almost nothing. Being bumped! I LOVE flying! In terms of tips: Use the time to just be. Get a window seat. Or not, if you have very long legs you need to stretch.

Get premium economy or similar or better for long-haul, if you can afford it. Bring a pashmina shawl. Join all the loyalty programs, but prioritize one for points. Have a drink, if you want. I propose a toast to Amelia Earhart. Do I email them? Do I go to their boss? Am I being unreasonable? Two things: 1 On the mask issue, just nonchalantly ask her. I hope things improve! Sorry, this is just a tough one, anyone in your place would worry and be scared. Sending hugs! No, not minimizing my feelings at all! I came to say this! The CDC advice is to switch to medical masks. Demetech has medical masks made in the US. How cool about your sister and Fauci! Hugs, and take care of yourself. Please keep resting. You deserve a break. We need Emily Gilmore to weigh in on this discussion.

She has Thoughts. Never made me abusive. Never made me do drugs. So many excuses for this terrible man who shows zero interest in changing. It is not okay for him ever to do the things you describe. And an office dog — what a dream! What tests did they run? What were the results? This is what training bras are for. Do those still exist? Oh man, those are so close to what I had — total flashback!!

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