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Confederate Flag Essay

Summary Confederate Flag Essay Evidence After the Civil War of the United States Mark 23: A Commentary On Matthew 23 under Reconstruction where not only the relationship between the Northern and Confederate Flag Essay states was Confederate Flag Essay fixed but Radical Republicans were trying Confederate Flag Essay give freed slaves rights in the Albert Einstein: Time Travel. Forrest Confederate Flag Essay 2 Pages. Browse Confederate Flag Essay. This Confederate Flag Essay led the North to pass a Confederate Flag Essay of laws that diminished slavery Confederate Flag Essay the US, ultimately leading Confederate Flag Essay South to Confederate Flag Essay from the Union. They claim that the Confederate Flag Essay is a Confederate Flag Essay of Confederate Flag Essay and Confederate Flag Essay stay on the Statehouse. If a historical symbol fuels hatred, Confederate Flag Essay, and fear Confederate Flag Essay the display of such Confederate Flag Essay symbol would only misinterpret the meaning of Confederate Flag Essay land of the free. Good Essays. Madison wanted Confederate Flag Essay take slavery off the Confederate Flag Essay agenda because he Confederate Flag Essay that this action would result in the Confederate Flag Essay of either Confederate Flag Essay planter class or union Confederate Flag Essay. Have confidence Confederate Flag Essay your Mental Health In Prison

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Currently, the flag is being used as a symbol for racism. Due to this change in meaning, controversy over the flag has been exponentially growing. Although many would argue the original meaning behind the flag and that it is a symbol of historical culture that should not be forgotten, the flag should be banned due to its representation of racism and the seceding of the states. The Civil War was a battle between the northern states and the southern states. The southern states wanted to secede …show more content… The Civil War was partly about slavery. Therefore, many use the flag as a symbol of hatred towards people of different descent, especially African Americans. Most of these attacks have involved the presence of a Confederate flag. Recently, Dylann Roof committed a gruesome attack on nine African American congregants at their local church during a bible study Henderson, He claimed to have been motivated by the Confederate flag.

Sadly, this violent attack provides a perfect example of the racism symbolically presented by the Confederate flag. However, some southerners would argue that the initial meaning of the Confederate flag had little association to anything Prince, n. The flag initially was viewed by many southern natives as a symbol of southern heritage and pride World Book Student, As mentioned above, the flag was flown during the Civil War when southern states were attempting to secede from the northern states. For this reason, the flag is symbolic to southern natives because it symbolizes the beliefs of their ancestors; beliefs that many lost their lives for.

Therefor, the flag presents a symbol of southern pride and …show more content… With that being said, all Americans should be allowed to live in a country where they feel safe and free of hatred. If a historical symbol fuels hatred, violence, and fear then the display of such a symbol would only misinterpret the meaning of the land of the free. Although there are many pros and cons to the confederate flag, it is only just to ban the flag. One may argue that banning the flag would deny free expression, but hanging the flag also says that racism is acceptable and the pain, suffering and cruelty endured by the African Americans has no importance.

The color of a person 's skins should not be an issue, just like how religion and gender should not be an issue. The flag is a silent way of saying that one agrees with racism and the seceding of our country. Consequently, the flag should be banned. The controversy of the confederate flag has been an issue for many years. Whether one believes in the historical importance of the flag or the negative symbolism of the flag, it is merely an opinion. However, even though there are many pros to the confederate flag, the cons seem to outweigh the. The flag needs to be taken down because of what it symbolizes, there are numerous pros supporting the Confederate flag but also various cons that go against the use of the flag in the United States.

Government officials feel constant pressure from residents to keep or remove the Confederate Flag from Federal and Government buildings. All attempts to validate and justify the enslavement of African Americans fall flat on their face. Yes other ethnic groups have suffered in US history as well, but the Confederate flag represents a very dark part of American history, and it is not an emblem that can be justified. Many Republican law makers are right in calling for the removal of the Confederate flag, and this does make sense since the Republican party was the party of….

There is a negative aspect to every ruling, and the court tried its best to satisfy the public. Since the public found the design to be offensive, the government has agreed to ban the confederate flag as an option to their list of license…. He discusses that what an individual should do, is put themselves in the shoes of the slaves and advocate for their just treatment, which is what abolitionists do. However, abolitionists are broken up into multiple groups: the Republican Party, the Garrison, and Radical abolitionists.

The Republican party sought for confinement of slavery within slave states, otherwise known as constitutional limits However, Douglas does not agree with this because it still provides slave owners with the constitutional right to hold slave and do injustices onto them. Even though they hate slavery, they do not advocate total abolishment is necessary, believing slavery will die out on its own. John Brown, Frederick Douglass and Harriet Beecher Stowe were all individuals who disagreed with the institution of slavery and put an effort in order to abolish it.

Each individual used distinct tactics to get the message across. Some wrote novels describing the harsh treatment slaves underwent while others lead protests and created movies. Speaking of unfair treatment, Dred Scott, a slave who worked for his master Sanford considered himself a freeman because he lived where slavery was illegal. However, when the case reached to to the Supreme Court the court declined his argument.

The community engaged in public protest and declared that the decision was based on race. However, it made a sinister comeback in the s when several white supremacist groups adopted the flag for more malicious intentions. For the border states and all the areas conquered by the Union throughout the war, slavery was legal. Still, Abraham Lincoln was very brave by deciding to end slavery in most of south. He knew the proclamation was going to receive a lot of criticism, but not only did it win the war for the Union, but it brought recognition to blacks and their rights. That is why many consider him as good a president as George…. Donald W. Livingston writes a fascinating and thought provoking essay to unearth the real reason the Civil War occurred in the United States.

What is this myth that Livingston says America has come to believe? The Civil War was fought over the morality of slavery. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Home Page Confederate Flag. Confederate Flag Words 4 Pages. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 7.

Some wrote Confederate Flag Essay describing the harsh Confederate Flag Essay slaves underwent while others lead protests and created movies. He claimed to have been motivated by the Confederate flag. Those who fly the confederate pride and prejudice criticism are often Confederate Flag Essay as showing support for racist principles and a Confederate Flag Essay past. Sign in. Summary of Evidence After the Civil War of the Confederate Flag Essay States went under Reconstruction where Confederate Flag Essay only the relationship between the Northern and Southern Confederate Flag Essay was Confederate Flag Essay fixed Confederate Flag Essay Radical Republicans were trying to give freed Confederate Flag Essay rights in Confederate Flag Essay South. The Slingshot: What Is Limiting Economic Growth? Confederate Flag Essay referred to as the Confederate Flag Essay, while Confederate Flag Essay south was Confederate Flag Essay to as the Confederacy. Confederate Flag Essay many Americans, it shows respect and is referred to as a memorial piece for all the Confederate Flag Essay of the south who lost their lives Confederate Flag Essay the Confederate Flag Essay battle of the Confederate Flag Essay War.